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Yummy birthday memories...share them to win a tasty prize from @MrStanleys
Instant Healing! Without health, no wealth.
RT @DalaiLama: Fear and suspicion won’t help us live together. We have to cultivate warm-heartedness. < Harris Rosen doesn't just give $ but helps develop & strengthen a community. How he gave hope to Tangelo Park
RT @SenKamalaHarris: Today, in 1967, the justices of the Supreme Court unanimously agreed that outlawing interracial marriage was unconstit… < Germany's energy revolution can be a model for the future.
@TheSharkDaymond More affordable green technology. We're way behind Europe. Shark Tank has the visibility & influen…
Fell in love! <3 < A handy, free online htaccess tester by an int'l developer group >
@DuncanWhitehead @kathygriffin Um, that's a pic of Katey Sagal who was one of the stars. < Perfect gift for your fave baseball fan. Give w/game tickets or a Benjamin. #Ad < Watermelon: tasty and also fab for your skin!
These gross, weirdly beautiful “pollution popsicles” are made from 100% pure sewage via @qz
Do random acts of kindness for family, friends or strangers. Keep your heart filled with love. < très cool handmade steampunk butterfly pendant by @NixCreations
So-called smart toys: even an 11-year-old can use them to hack into others bluetooth devices.
Easily find the perfect UK venue for your wedding. < Warn less tech-savvy family/friends about fake popup warnings about their computer.
Wow. Wow. Wow. < These are fab baby shower favors! Handmade by @SherlyTssi < very sweet "Love Is All You Need" mug by @HappyCraftsShop.

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