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Get your bottles ready! This summer, we’re recognizing all the do-gooders out there with a toast. #Toast2Goodness http://t.co/241j6P6aS8
On #EarthDay and every day. http://t.co/ByeR0WVVLI
@IsabelOteroo We like the way you drink...and you think!
@IsabelOteroo Yay! We're glad you liked it. Is that the only flavor you've tried so far?
@YagirlTatyana Can't argue with that advice. Just like we can't argue with our mothers...
@_contemptressx So you're saying the first sip is better than the last drop?
Wise words, Amanda! (And we think Granny would agree.) What would your #Grannyism be? #Fannyism http://t.co/roT6BAi9SZ
Why not delight in the joy of #spring with a refreshing drink, for goodness sake: http://t.co/TIk4Ev7Qyz. http://t.co/3RO3JbD4nl
@MrHaltom It's true -- not everyone can handle the kitchen. #Grannyism
What's even better than a tax break? A tea break. #TaxDay http://t.co/XYJaLb2uru
@youngjayfk Have you tried your local @sproutsfm?
Here’s to everlasting love for unconventional flavors. http://t.co/F6IhwpId9w
@mattburghgraef3 Aw shucks! We're so glad you're a fan, Matt. Thanks for reaching out.
@TheRealXPac ^ What @HunterS_Johnsun said.
@LJIsearch Good to know where you stand!
#Prioriteas http://t.co/Y3VazhuaEC
@tanya_solano And a tea in the hand is worth two in the fridge!
@AZcardFAN711 Sure are. Glad you're a fan!
@azmommycards Really glad it hit the spot!

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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