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Less daylight means more time for a night cap. http://t.co/Np5XW3cEml
Go sing the praises of your favorite flavors. #GoCarolingDay http://t.co/iNgUcOKN3D
@velvetgrunge We're so glad you're a fan! Any other flavors you can't get enough of?
@cookiehugger You can tell your local retailer you want Sweet Leaf Tea with our retailer request form here: http://t.co/TgeRUQImeP
@AllisonAudreyy We're so glad you like it! Cheers!
@ElwoodStaffing Thanks for sharing. Granny always knows best!
Which flavor lights up your holiday season? http://t.co/FzRlnAFD6Z
A drink for anyone who’s been naughty (or nice) this year: http://t.co/KPN0LUfVvc http://t.co/hrkOG4bkCF
@megann_lewiss Thanks for sharing the sweet advice!
Grannyisms make the best greetings. #Grannysim http://t.co/wDDS99n8hl
@JayDotbit You bet! Try our Find a Bottle locator. Then call stores to see if they carry it: http://t.co/2gZcsrWaNL
@heqomyxypag You can reach out to our tea'm here: http://t.co/hyC4GDJB5e Hope this helps!
Here’s a sweet gift idea for anyone on your list. http://t.co/VVUkQr90s7
@jaytodaizzle Have you tried the Find a Bottle locator on our website? Visit http://t.co/if1uuiRiGW
@PopWansel Well, shucks... What a sweet thing to tweet!
Warm up to a little Mint & Honey. http://t.co/Xsw0Jg4piI
Gobble, gobble, gulp, gulp.. Happy #Thanksgiving! http://t.co/ZH2gCZCYNM
What are you thankful for this week? #Grannyism http://t.co/K3Bi7u89ye
What makes your Sunday Funday? http://t.co/cW94M1jWUF
@mupsyc And thank you for sharing it!

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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