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There's no such thing as too much homemade goodness! RT @undefined: I think I may have an unhealthy addiction to @SweetLeafTea
It's a total eclipse of the tea. http://t.co/nmiiOmgq4O
@copperpkitchen Thanks for sharing the sweetness!
Cheers to green tea goodness! RT @queeeenbeee_: @SweetLeafTea your citrus flavored tea is my absolute favorite drink!!!!
Make crunching those numbers a little less taxing (and a lot more refreshing). http://t.co/vpziJlKtg4
We think every day should be Arbor Day. What are you planting? http://t.co/yqMGVz0xVK
Celebrate Golfer's Day with a beverage born on a golf course. http://t.co/tcF3EIv4y9
@TiffanyKLight Thank for sharing the love for Citrus!
Granny knows best! RT @ladyjack82: #grannyism #wisewords Bloom where you are planted #sweetleaf http://t.co/ggDTTXypKC
@ernayulip Unfortunately, we're not distributed outside of the US right now. But we'll be sure to tell our tea'm you're interested!
.@ElloMehlo Thanks for the sweet shout out! Which flavor do you recommend?
Refresh yourself while you freshen up. http://t.co/Ty1jOWhcB4
@ernayulip Have you tried the Find a Bottle locator on our website? Visit http://t.co/a2PoYdoUzD
Who wants to kick back in Granny's throne? http://t.co/uIBREzhWdy
Just kick back and relax with this recipe, For Goodness Sake: http://t.co/qHTtYJ2n1P http://t.co/rlwOQuDxLy
Especially this time of year. RT @eleanorwilk: @SweetLeafTea 🌹☺️http://t.co/x9Zv8Va9WZZ
@xxFT13xx Did she set a new record?
A motto to remember this Humor Month. #Grannyism http://t.co/wPGNc45eMI
@VivaaaLaVicki Sounds like a sweet start to the day. Cheers!
Is it lunchtime yet? RT @HopeSadie: I could really go for sweet leaf tea and a quesadilla

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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