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@DjPrecaution Glad you like it! 😊
@ShiShiJoon1 Sure thing! Thanks for being a fan of our homemade goodness. ❤️
@JCGonzzalezz Well, now we're blushing. ☺️
@ShiShiJoon1 Thanks for reaching out! There's 20mg of caffeine in the Mint & Honey, and 30mg in the Peach. Which is your favorite?
@mjcilla Happy to hear, you like the tea. You might want to give our item locator a try. https://t.co/KzcXCqyuEu
@SushiGirl_ATX Granny approves this tweet.
@amelia__massey Thanks for bringing us along for the adventure! ❤️
@GratephuLSD Granny wants to know: did you follow her advice?
@AlbiterBrian Granny's proud to be your hiking buddy, Brian! Stay sweet out there on the Greenbelt!
RT @AlbiterBrian: The essential to a perfect hike in this Texas heat @sweetleaftea @ Barton Creek Greenbelt Trails https://t.co/S3FOC3EJJF
@eleni_gabriella Sounds like you and our tea were just Mint to be, Eleni. ❤️ Have you had a chance to try any of the other flavors yet?
@mr_thegrouch Tea-lighted to be able to add a little #sweetgoodness to your day. ☺️ Thanks for sharing!
@BenitsaB Thanks for sharing it with us! You two are an absolute tea-light! 😍
@RodSnyderWV It was just "Mint" to be. ❤️
@tiff0518 Thanks for spreading the #sweetgoodness! ❤️
@Sholom_ Well now we're blushing. ☺️
@sarruns Glad you were able to stop by! Did you grab some #sweetgoodness?
@_Malik4L Thanks for sharing! Which was your favorite: the Original, or the Mint & Honey?
@HoshiYozora Thanks for spreading the goodness, Kassey! Hope that Peach hit the spot. ☺️
@milana1818 Thanks for stopping by for some #sweetgoodness! How'd you like the Peach?

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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