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@bryancarr We'll be sure to pass along your concerns about plastic bottles to our tea'm! Our tea is available in both glass and plastic.
We could never say that we don't love tea. Even if it is opposite day. http://t.co/ep1EGdzNNs
@BigFern25 We're so glad you like it! Cheers!
Sometimes all you need is something… Original. Take a sip: http://t.co/jT4YW4Rfrx http://t.co/kNLvaSkZJJ
@paulschreiber Sweet idea! We'll pass it along to our team.
@paulschreiber Another option is to have Sweet Leaf Tea delivered through your local water delivery service. Just call 1-877-291-6793!
Scout out a bottle of homemade goodness near you: http://t.co/7aMQyAWYRI Or call to get it delivered 1-877-291-6793 http://t.co/hzJhZ0LkIQ
This Thursday, throw back to a classic — Mo Sweet O: http://t.co/CwiqXrVnDn http://t.co/DGA1761Gj0
@archiveofadorn We're so glad our homemade goodness hit the spot!
Fact: Iced tea is just a cooler, sweeter version of hot tea. #HotTeaMonth http://t.co/h7Fhh20JLt
A perfect pick-me-up? Sweet tea (and someone even sweeter to share it with). http://t.co/w3bCOOrchQ
@calliejoprather Which flavor is brightening up your day?
@cozysweetsj Great question! All of our teas naturally contain some caffeine. Learn more here: http://t.co/9TvQ8EKCTx
Our resolution? Drink more tea. What's yours? http://t.co/IvXIu75auU
@10ringsSTL A great way to have Sweet Leaf Tea cases delivered is through your local water delivery service. Just call 1-877-291-6793!
A perfect refresher for a fresh new year. http://t.co/bSvXl9PhUh
Here’s a tasty way to ring in the new year – Sweet and Sour Citrus Shooters: http://t.co/HCR7EIdAeQ http://t.co/bAfxS1HyTY
@NickWritesMusic Cheers to sweet, new finds!
Advice for the new year. #Grannyism http://t.co/06W36BpnqB
Happy Holidays! http://t.co/irK8nd9onC

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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