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Feeling the July heat? What flavor keeps you cool?
Let's raise a bottle to Servicemen and Women this #4thofJuly and #Toast2Goodness. http://t.co/h7Tx9rlJhh http://t.co/u0ItgDGm9r
Wow guests at your #4thofJuly par-tea with these festive recipes from @wfaachannel8! http://t.co/GaZzIIbmrO http://t.co/GleLrXmU0A
Here’s to servicemen & women! Show them your appreciation with a toast: http://t.co/vgyxbq20Nw. #Toast2Goodness http://t.co/ncAWim3Ofs
What's Granny's favorite dinosaur? A tea-rex! Happy #InternationalJokeDay!
@GoMckenzie Have no fear! We're still selling the glass bottles (with the Grannyisms) in some areas. Hope you'll keep an eye out!
@bernicks1916 As long as it's a deliciously tough decision, we're happy about it!
@SimplySamanthaC Run like the wind Samantha and snatch the deal!
@lonniejoejordan Lonnie, Grannyism #37 is a pretty wise one! Thanks for sharing!
Here’s to Honored Toastea Sarah (and her dad) for reminding us heroes come in all different forms! #Toast2Goodness http://t.co/PK6PTvEvXU
You know what they say. When life gives you lemons, slice 'em up to garnish your homemade goodness.
@katiephillips34 Katie, you don't know how much that warms our tea'mmates hearts! We're happy you're part of the communi-tea! 😊
Yard work without iced tea is like mint without honey.
@emherrera8 Erica, here's a special Grannyism just for you: #7 The early bird gets the worm!
@SavannahGrace72 Thanks for spreading the word Savannah! Our tea'mmates appreciate it. 😉
@JGreen4Life James, you can't go wrong with that delicious duo!
@heyyy_its_Anahi Aww shucks! Our tea'm is blushing!
@HHandHM You know what they say...Granny knows best.
@luvdabeach33 Thanks for toasting with us! We'd raise a bottle to your husband, too.
@Mikelroy90 Hi Michael, a great way to have Sweet Leaf Tea delivered is through your local water delivery service. Just call 1-877-291-6793!

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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