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Like s'more? (We sure would.) #TheSweetThings http://t.co/Q2CPkPRNao
@imgazelle21 We're sorry to say that our tea'm won't be making it out to Lollapalooza this year. Have a great time at the festival!
Imagine what you'll catch with Mint and Honey. Follow us to keep up with Granny’s advice. http://t.co/jGtIe90KMf
@armthetentacles @AnnaKateBean Try the Find a Bottle locator! Visit http://t.co/pPiWLWQRU1
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Sweat - the sign of cool sips ahead. http://t.co/FsQrAlPkX1
@IVoidwarranti3s We still offer 16oz bottles! Try our Find a Bottle locator: http://t.co/GHQ0uCqyJx then call to see if they have Raspberry.
No one ever said grilling couldn’t be sweet. #TheSweetThings http://t.co/L5fhqlSyIa
@say_heyyy We'll cheers to that!
Enter for a chance to win VIP treatment for 2 at one of Austin’s favorite music fests: http://t.co/gyG1HmGsoi http://t.co/X6v7JhpCZE
What makes you smile? #TheSweetThings http://t.co/VU4fka2RVE
@AlysiaStern Gee, thanks! Which flavor stole your heart?
Our Original Coffee-Tea Blend got a sweet feature in @rachaelraymag! Check it out: http://t.co/fnJyiuyUKA #CoffeeTeaser
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Just a little tea time after tee off. #TheSweetThings http://t.co/78WAttn4NQ
Cool down with a recipe specially crafted for summer: http://t.co/NkxRnARPSW http://t.co/LELkda49SV
@Misery_Dancer We're so glad you like it! Cheers!
Where's the road taking you this summer? #TheSweetThings http://t.co/TWXx6VnH2E
Tahiti? Bermuda? Where would you go? Enter for your chance to win a sweet getaway for two: http://t.co/p3qlYYD5AX http://t.co/GW6JaXfkLE

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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