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@heypunkass We know the struggle! You can search for stores in your area that carry our products here https://t.co/E4UncSsWjM.
@whatitdoDK We want you to be able to bring your fav show and fav drink together. Find a bottle here: https://t.co/E4UncSsWjM.
@immadaytrippa Sorry to hear you’re not a fan of the changes. We’ll be sure to tell our team.
@hfish407 It looks like you have a case of tea sediment. We would like to take care of this for you. Can you send us a DM?
@beckitxex Our Raspberry Tea isn't available in a case; we'll be sure to tell our tea'm ya'll are craving it. Let's chat more, send us a DM!
@Cgunter1021 Aw, shucks, you're gonna make us blush! 😊 #SweetGoodness
@IngSocBob Sorry to hear that you didn't have the delightful experience you have in the past. Send a DM our way wit… https://t.co/XnDbEz1N7m
@JarodKintz1 While we don't drink the sky, if it tastes like our tea, then it must taste like #SweetGoodness !
@CupsApp Thanks for reaching out to us! Can you please send us a DM so we can discuss this?
@Reannamate This looks like a whole lot of goodness! 😍
@GoMckenzie Aww looks like a great fit! πŸ‘
@jackiespata Sweet, Jackie! Hope you enjoyed our homemade goodness! πŸ‘πŸ’›
@KillEFFY Aww shucks! You're too sweet, Effy! πŸ’›
@GoMckenzie You're such a peach! We're so glad you liked it! 😊❀️
@MyVenue4Office Thanks for visiting our tea'm! Hope ya'll had a peachy time!
@Elijah_Lee_H We love hearing about new ways to drink our tea!
@ALifeAsLogan Sounds like a perfect snack to us, Logan!
@kxhuynh A whole bottle is 16 oz, though, so it’s 150 cal unrounded. It can be confusing, so learn more here: https://t.co/9Ry2ZDPID3.
@Kxhuynh B/c of FDA reg, any product above 50 cals/8 oz serving is rounded to the nearest 10 cals, so a product w/ 75 cals is rounded to 80.
@readithere007 You may be able to get all our homemade goodness delivered right to your door. Visit https://t.co/1GtpiJNUaR for more info!

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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