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Long #summer nights mean more time for iced tea. The question is: which flavor to drink?
@hurricaneaudra Sounds like our kind of weekend! Thanks again for the shout-out and for sippin' in true Texas style with us.
@ZombieUsr We appreciate the heads up on that one. We'll definitely let our tea'm know it needs to be updated!
@Tim_and_Michael Aww shucks! We're blushing. We'll definitely let our tea'm know you miss us there.
@thestormwithin We're so glad you and your mom are such fans of the Unsweet Lemon and Lime. Thanks for showing some love!
@CzyzLizzy @angiepayne18 We had no idea our teas brought the zzzz's!
@ZombieUsr No plans to bring them back yet but we'll let our tea'm know you miss them!
@anthelonious Aww! We're bummed that you're bummed. And unfortunately, we don't have plans to be at #ACL this year.
@angiepayne18 Does sweet tea help @CzyzLizzy sleep?
@IbottaApp Thanks for the shout-out!
@atxlocaltutor Glad you're a fan! (And congrats on being the valedictorian all those years ago.)
@FruitLovePilate Aw shucks! We're blushing! Say, have you #Toast2Goodness with us yet this summer?
@hurricaneaudra Lookin' good! Hope you're having a great weekend.
Summer's a time for iced tea in hand and toes in sand.
Buddies, wingmen, gal pals and girlfriends: Cheers to your Best Best Friend! http://t.co/AsN9wbCAo5 http://t.co/aGaTqa73uo
#ImStrongestWhen I double up on my tea. http://t.co/nwk3cHqlCB
@taydoop Our tea'm loves to hear that! What is your flavor of choice, Taylor?
@stupideyed Oh no! Christa, please email our tea’m at sweetleaftea@casupport.com, so we can help!
@JermaineCalvin Those are some wise words, Jermaine! #Toast2Goodness
Sunday was Parent's Day! They raised and inspired us, so raise a #Toast2Goodness to them. http://t.co/cynzCmCkL4 http://t.co/DGjdPCPCmP

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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