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Find opportuni-tea around every corner: http://t.co/hCL1dvoI5q. (Or get it delivered. Call 1-877-291-6793). http://t.co/cawTjBCWKl
@TxTina78745 You can say that again!
Say hello to #Spring (and the weekend) with some Mamma Mia Sangria: http://t.co/Vo1ZeMYHl6. http://t.co/WwzQFXLHWi
@Kamayaam Truer words have never been spoken.
@StellaCooks @GreenZebraGroc It sure does!
@kurtbradley @Hipstercrite P.S. We're actually part of @NestleWatersNA -- a partnership helping us to spread homemade goodness even further!
@kurtbradley Hi Kurt! Have you tried putting your zip code in our Find A Bottle locator to find other stores in ATX: http://t.co/KzcXCqyuEu?
@azmommycards Music to our ears! What flavors have you tried so far?
@jduran1995 Glad you're a fan of the new bottle, Jacob!
@RozzyKron Great! We're going to run a quick search and get back to you.
@RozzyKron Thanks for reaching out again, Rozzy. You're in Minneapolis, right?
@maddygreen5 So glad it's your better half... and half. 😊
Make this a week of opportunities. #Grannyism http://t.co/qsUJbuct9N
@mmserrano83 Words to live by. Hope you have a happy Monday!
@maddygreen5 What flavor was that topping? #GrannysGottaKnow
@grannyisms Mimi > Siri.
@HerBossyNESS Words to live by.
@Madisonnnhopee Glass bottles are actually still available in some retailers. Have you tried looking for them at Whole Foods or Sprouts?
@lorrrraw Will you return the favor?
@DadCorleone Sorry you’re not a fan of our new PET bottles. Glass is still available at @Sproutsfm and @Wholefoods!

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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