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Which flavor have you fallen for? http://t.co/YMnyhR5ALz
@tacocat420 Good to know where you stand!
@steelchops That's a lot of caps! We're impressed.
What’s more your taste — the first sip or last drop? http://t.co/wNWBU3d3ZG
@sydneyworth03 Sorry about that, Sydney! The glass bottles (with the Grannyisms) are still in select areas.
@KoolKidKay A classic!
@iriekylie_ Really glad to hear it!
@TeaHaowai Thanks for spreading the word and encouraging others to #Toast2Goodness!
What’s better than a pet? Tell us why yours is the best with a toast: http://t.co/rjVmggGfYE. #Toast2Goodness http://t.co/9XfBY9Uerr
@timebush Thanks for the feedback. We'll pass it on to our tea'm. We're still making the glass so we hope you'll keep an eye out for them!
@misstaylertexas Now ain't that sweet. We're curious, which flavor did you go with?
@partofchicago Thanks for reaching out. We're still selling glass in select areas. Hope you'll keep an eye out for them!
@KoolKidKay We're so glad it made your day, Kay. We've gotta know -- what flavor was it topping?
Thanks, Andrea E. Share the love for your mom with a toast by tomorrow: http://t.co/XSWv9NWPUl #Toast2Goodness http://t.co/UwJMC8HbUc
@wyatt_kane Way to go! You know...one of those bottles may be great for making a #Toast2Goodness. Do you know how yet?
@longIegs #SisterOfTheYear
@longIegs Really glad you're a fan!
@wyatt_kane We're still selling glass in select areas. Hope you'll keep an eye out for them!
@TheJenniWithAnI Ha!
What’s even better than a brand new bottle of tea? A case on your doorstep. Call 844-836-0740 to get your delivery. http://t.co/NW1Y8GTPtx

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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