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Anyone feeling sweet? RT @MRTrocha: ok so we only need cap 42! Then we can complete this table someone please help us out! And mail is one!!
Get ready! We're about to open up a world of sweetness (and awesome prizes). #TheSweetThings http://t.co/f3hU8ZPsfO
@Karalyn_Marie16 Well, shucks... We're glad you're a fan! Which flavor won your heart?
Advice for today (and every day). http://t.co/UiSvqU0rsv
Now, here’s a pairing with a lot of heart. http://t.co/c86ieLD1v0
@Bruisiana Try our Find a Bottle locator! Then call stores to see if they carry Mint & Honey. http://t.co/OrH97PQuYt
@AuntieMcNealy Here's to sweet reminders (and sweet tea)!
@jose602 Nestlé helps us share homemade goodness with folks across the country. If you need more info, email sweetleaftea@casupport.com
You never know where something sweet could be hiding. http://t.co/gWeSwAGv14
Put a little Spring in your step. http://t.co/A7esY8hApx
.@DestaneeFreeman What a sweet idea! Thanks for sharing the goodness.
It's a race for the cup! http://t.co/WRfoC133Iz
A sweet little reminder. RT @befort12: My Green Tea knows what's up. #sweetleaf #grannyism http://t.co/OLwyXAKCiu
There's no such thing as too much homemade goodness! RT @undefined: I think I may have an unhealthy addiction to @SweetLeafTea
It's a total eclipse of the tea. http://t.co/nmiiOmgq4O
@copperpkitchen Thanks for sharing the sweetness!
Cheers to green tea goodness! RT @queeeenbeee_: @SweetLeafTea your citrus flavored tea is my absolute favorite drink!!!!
Make crunching those numbers a little less taxing (and a lot more refreshing). http://t.co/vpziJlKtg4
We think every day should be Arbor Day. What are you planting? http://t.co/yqMGVz0xVK
Celebrate Golfer's Day with a beverage born on a golf course. http://t.co/tcF3EIv4y9

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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