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Sometimes you just need to help yourself to another helping. (Or another #Grannyism: https://t.co/ZbxcM1Bcyu) https://t.co/LwntR3oBYj
Once you down your bottle, make it gobble. https://t.co/mupC9HxB1W
Spice up your festivities with one of Granny's favorite recipes. https://t.co/WUAjMKyvjP https://t.co/8IfYUs7Aiz
@ryanwalling Hmm, now there's an idea!
@MiyaVampira Tea with a side of poetry! Just what Granny loves to see. #SeeWhatWeDidThere
@ryanwalling We're always brainstorming new flavors of homemade goodness! What flavor would you most like to see?
If only sips of Sweet Leaf Tea were as easy to save as pennies. Get more #Grannyisms here: https://t.co/lIdfOstOkM https://t.co/8oT0hvZgu1
It's easy to fall for flavors like these. https://t.co/VWrpGeohRU
Tried and true or a twist on a classic. Which is your favorite? https://t.co/iJ7elwQU5i
@thetinysiren That's no small compliment!
@thetinysiren Oh no, tragi-tea has struck! Is the Raspberry flavor your all-time favorite?
If your porch feels empty with no jack-o-lantern, fill it with a case of homemade goodness: https://t.co/CVXaIuR2n2 https://t.co/iMau5Chya3
We're tipping our caps to the do-gooders this #WorldKindnessDay. Get more #Grannyisms here: https://t.co/cUiLnqyhQC https://t.co/mCuCN4pq9n
@tweetstheDude Haha :) Looks like you've still got plen-tea left!
@tweetstheDude That's some serious loyal-tea! Happy to hear you're a fan. 😊
@Hola_shellyXO Hmm, give our Find a Bottle locator a try! https://t.co/vVpi6vLtdD
What flavor of Sweet Leaf Tea would you like to see? https://t.co/cleuSnz4Lk
@Hola_shellyXO Must be Granny's secret recipe. 👵🏼 Did you just try that flavor for the first time?
@lukeb_morris We hear ya. You'll be happy to know that we do still sell glass in select stores. Do you happen to be near a Sprouts?
If refs flipped caps instead of coins, both teams would win. Get more #Grannyisms here: https://t.co/keDnrIY2hg https://t.co/gtjZKrIGWh

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Sweet Leaf Tea-Homemade goodness in a bottle! It's the best tasting tea on the planet! We believe in laughter, high fives and good music!

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