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Hes a hall of famer! #PeteRose
Elf, stupid ass movie. #dumbassshit
Worst. Day. Ever. #fml
Tears sting but not as bad as the wounds that cause them. #forgottenbuthere
Landed in japan and so happy to be baack!
Congrates patti and andy! Have a great life together!
Wedding in cvill at 8. Fun time coming!
Alexander: we are going to match! Me: die the blonde purple and i shall kill someone.......
Gracies doing my hair later and its going to look amazing!
Sweet 16 today! finally.
We love you Mama. Get better and keep up all the great stuff you do for and with your family. #CakeBoss #CakeBossMama
I love peter already! #NGB
Last cosplay compition and anime/comic con for us until mid december. had a great year so far!
Can't use my arm. Great...............
Dont be yelling at a sick teen, mainly when they had surgery on friday!
Beautiful memorial tonight for cyndal. Look after us this weekend and all the time and fly high baby girl!
Congrats @BarackObama!
Look like tomorrow ill be a nervous reck again. #whycutyourself?
Cyndal was a great person. She shall be missed, but she shall never be forgotten. #R.I.P.CyndalWard.
Wear red tomorrow for Cyndel Ward.

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