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Let them eat cake! Try our new White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake, or the deeelicious Turtle Cake or our...
Yummmmy!! Butter beer nut and Girl Scout cookie truffles are back on the shelf. Thanks sandra :)
12th Blend is back! We have both Red and Chenin Blanc - come get your bottle tonight! :)
Heyyyyyy all!!! Come on in tonight for our lemon blackberry cheesecake or 6 layer chocolate cake. We are also...
Fresh hot coconut scones!
DESSERTS: Special: Lemon blackberry cheesecake!! Traditional: 6 layer chocolate cake with raspberry drizzle....
After you enjoy the game come in for some free wine tasting tonight at sweet decadence. Gooooo hawks!!!
Fresh gluten free peanut butter cookies!
Open tomorrow at 7:00 for the Seahawks training camp! Are you ready? ? Quiche tomorrow and awesome Herkimer...
Turtles to go!! We have repackaged some of these yummy guys so you get more... And a better variety!! Pecan,...
Thank you Tony Ventrella for stopping by Sweet D to say hi at the Pro Shops grand opening!! Loving the 12th Blend!!
Happy Blue Friday! Join us tonight for a tasting of 12th Blend wine! In Red or Chenin Blanc. Then take home a...
White Chocolate Cheesecake for the 12's! Its yummy! Dessert this weekend!
Sweet D will open today at 8:00am at the Landing for Coffee for the 12's going to training camp! GO HAWKS!!
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I am detecting a theme today! 12th blend has hit #sweetdecadence ... It's a blue and green kinda weekend!
Almomd Joy scones and Coconut scones. Open for scones!!
The Seahawks Pro Shop is now OPEN at the Landing!!
Come and enjoy a nice cool Blueberry & Lemonade cake, bread pudding or six layer chocolate cake! YUMMY!! Have...
Come find Waldo at the Landing in Renton sponsored by University Book Store!

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