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RT @GayWeHoDogs4U: #Foster me! I'm Roxy, a young female #Chihuahua mix. #nkla #dogs #love
RT @ChristieC733: DON'T SHOP ADOPT! Pls go to your nearest animal shelter 4 Christmas & give an animal the most precious gift, a 2nd cha…
He's not real...he can "be" characterized as any thing one wants.!!!!!! So just keep on melting one cares…
RT @GayWeHoDogs4U: #Save me! I'm Charlie, a young male #Dachshund mix. #nkla #dogs #love
The truth is if we had robots to do the fighting for us we would engage everyone over everything. The result: chaos.
Yah, I go to the gym. What do you mean what do I do there? I go there. I don't have to do anything. Rules say go to the gym,that's what I do
RT @LVNancy: Speaking as an immigrant, My family learned to speak English, we assimilated & pledge our ALLEGIANCE to the Flag of The United…
RT @GayWeHoDogs4U: #Adopt me! I'm Charleston, a young male #Terrier. #nkla #dogs #love
They CAN and they DO.
Your "mind" is the info that pops up....YOU are the decider after reviewing the information...the info isn't always true or a fact, be aware
I believe the rancher should protect his stock not kill the animal being himself...P-45 should be saved....
living always involves the question am i better than you, smarter, prettier, more talented, richer, more popular, and so on
OMG bringing back memories of crazy times at this place....
Turning off the View.@ABCtv @whoopigoldbberg
RT @plainviewsue: Can someone remind @WhoopiGoldberg she's the moderator on #TheView? Other people can voice their views, plus get a chance…
I'm surprised they knew what Darwinism was...and "Rules" is hardly that....
I love SJP but I don't get her new show, Divorce, is a comedy...what am I missing?
The View should change it's name to the "Whoopi Goldberg Opinion" because that's all it is....@CBSLA
On my Delta flight to PHX the seats had no leg my male seat mate sat with his legs open in a V,his right leg up against mine. hmmm
RT @GayWeHoDogs4U: #Rescue me! I'm Olaf, a senior male #Maltese. #nkla #dogs #love

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opinionated;interested; thoughtful; bad judge of character,animal lover, avid reader and movie lover.

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