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Thank you! @TALV58: best RTs came from: @Surroundings @SandGripper @mallyskok @elzabdesign @Remodel_w_Feia via”
@WERS889FM re: SRO - Forever "Played"??? A college student, who is supposedly interested in musical theatre, can't pronounce "Plaid"???
RT @TALV58: ::Surroundings::: Everyone's a Critic: The Harshness of Online Commentary via @Surroundings
My followup to @housebeautiful 's post on online criticism: Everyone's a Critic:
New! Everyone's a Critic: The Harshness of Online Commentary
Sharing my #Outlander posts with recaps and decorative tidbits @Outlander_Starz @OutlanderWriter @Writer_DG Enjoy!
The Latest from Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings #constantcontact
New! Silver Screen Surroundings: Outlander, S1E6 The Garrison Commander
Recap and a decorative "Get That Look" for @Outlander_Starz "The Garrison Commander" @OutlanderTVNews @Writer_DG
RT @greenprintevent: The greenprint education Daily is out! Stories via @Surroundings @michaelanschel
@bearmccreary Great use of the Claire & Jaime theme at the end in quick time. Things are moving forward! @Outlander_Starz @OutlanderTVNews
@MunchStudio Thank you so much! @WSIDesignTrade
RT @MunchStudio: @WSIDesignTrade @Surroundings Hello, we mentioned one of your articles on our blog. Here's the link
"Outlander" ep 5 "The Rent" - My decorative take on this episode. @OutlanderTVNews @Outlander_Starz #Outlander
New! Silver Screen Surroundings: Outlander S1E5 - "The Rent" plus, visiting a wattle house
@grahammctavish Welcome to Mass! Enjoy our beautiful weather this week! #AskOutlander Are you on the Cape or in Boston? #notastalker
@MelRivers - very sorry for your loss. Just went thru exact same thing myself. My thoughts are with you.
@BillyCrystal Caught end of 700 Sundays. On loss of your Mom, 2nd parent. "no longer tethered to the earth the same way". Perfectly said.
@ProPlan He is - breakfast and dinner! Here's a vid of him playing fetch:
@ProPlan he's doing great thanks! Just moved and have a fenced on yard so we can play fetch which he had to learn, but now loves!

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