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@cotedetexas I don't think folks in those days redecorated very frequently ! #Outlander
Crushing on Ian! #outlander
@cotedetexas yes, was talking abt Lallybroch. Leoch makes more sense to be Jacobean as it is supposed to be old, doesn't it? #Outlander
@cotedetexas I mention that in my post that you won't read. 😉 #Outlander
@cotedetexas they wanted it to look like the ancient ancestral home. A change from the book where the house was built 1702. #Outlander
@cotedetexas @RonDMoore I feel like I should poor myself a scotch when listening. We should have done that on our podcasts.
@cotedetexas do you listen to @RonDMoore podcasts ? Really great and informative. #Outlander
@cotedetexas yes, just watched on Demand. Am rewatching now.
@cotedetexas agree. Big issue for me is how did the watch guy not know about Jamie?
@cotedetexas what did you think of this week's #Outlander ?
RT @PineConeAcorns: Visit the blog to see my favorite links for the week from @houseofturquise, @madebygirl, @Surroundings, @thenewdiplomat…
New! Get That Look: The Laird's Bedchamber
@jongarysteele My pleasure!
Congrats to @jongarysteele and Gina Cromwell for their gorgeous design and sets in this week's episode of #Outlander
New! Silver Screen Surroundings: Outlander S1E12 "The Laird Returns" aka Lallybroch
@cotedetexas no kidding! #Outlander
@cotedetexas I just saw - gorgeous!! #Outlander
@LibrosOverHos currently sticking with male pronoun and his name Bruce.
RT @DesignerBlogger: The Interior Designer Blogger Daily is out! Stories via @Surroundings @TandCmag

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