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To new beginnings.
@mpyeager thanks! Glad you like it :)
@seanwstl oh thanks Sean, means the world to us! Have some ice cream in front of a bad romcom, that might help :)
@nclairembault yes that’s correct
@devjah @microsoft @outlook let us know how you like it :)
@nclairembault we’re only working on the Outlook Mobile apps for now, the Mac app for Outlook is not in our immediate plans
@guillaumevende not yet but we’ll be adding connected apps soon
@nclairembault unfortunately there’s a big chance it won’t. Apps won’t be available anymore when the merge w/ Outlook is completed.
@chadrodriguez thanks for the support Chad! Glad you like it :)
@nclairembault it means the app will be available until all its features have been moved to Outlook. This should take at least a few months.
@spn2000 thanks for the support!
@aseigneurin thanks for that Alexis, we’ll look into it!
@xtoq we’ll be keeping it for the months to come at least. But there’s a big chance it will disappear too once we’re fully integrated
@ovx_cj yes that’s the plan!
@nclairembault hi Nicolas, as it’s written on our current blog post, the apps will remain but won’t be updated anymore
@d53r don’t think they had such a nice Outlook app back in 1999 :)
@robusdin that’s the plan Rob.
@dasaunders199 hi Doug, it will still exist, we just won’t be updating it anymore.
@neilthompson we’ll be integrating those before the end of the year
@laurenouraout we won’t Laure, we won't

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