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Looking for sandal-worthy feet? Foot Gunk to the rescue!
Which wreath do you think would look best on our recently refurbished deep brown and intricately carved wooden door...?
1st two people to mention my dented-tip Lip Bailouts during check-out get one free tucked in w/ their order!
I have 2 vanilla spice Lip Bailouts that are perfect in every way - except the very tips are slightly dented. Want one free w/ your order?
Winter making your lips crumbly? I just finished a fresh batch of soothing vanilla spice Lip Bailout... just for you!
Making up a fresh new batch of Body Dust in Mandarin & Lime... yum!
Let's ring in 2012 with 20% off any /everything in my shop for the next few hours! (use code TWEET12 during check-out)
Making up a fresh batch of Face Slime No. 8.... time for bliss! (botanically, of course!)
Have you entered the $90 gift certificate #giveaway to your choice of featured Etsy shops? (art/jewelry/wall decals!)
Making up a fresh batch of Body Dust... lavender blend... it smells like I'm tip-toeing through lavender fields in the south of France!
Win a $90 gift certificate to the featured Etsy shops at 10xNine! #giveaway
By request: a sampler of 3 organic lip balms - the luxurious (infamous?) Lip Bailout No. 2 - your choice of flavors!
Just made a custom batch of Face Slime No.3 w/ tapioca instead of corn starch - kept all 5 oils for total Herbal Detox!
FLASH SALE: Celebrate today with 28% off my entire shop! (good till I wake up tomorrow morning!) CouponCode: FlashMe
So, you know you want a Body Dust... would you like to try a Face Slime & Foot Gunk as well? The new Body Dust Sampler!
I'm developing a new Body Dust for those allergic to corn starch - care to be a tester? I'd LOVE your input! (small animals need not apply)
Just lent $25 to Providance, a 32 year-old Rwandan entrepreneur, to help expand her food business. Thanks @Kiva!
Just got more organic Grapeseed Oil - expeller-pressed & unrefined - off to create a fresh batch of Face Slime No. 8 !
Usually I'm grinding oats to include in Face Slimes No. 2 & 4, but today I'm using them in Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies instead.... yum!
Just about time for our daily summer thunderstorm here in Miami... going to stay inside & create a big batch of Lavender-scented Body Dust!

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