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@pixeldustllc We're not sure we understand what you're trying to do. Please email us for tech details? -JC
RT @laurenmancke: I'm very excited to be taking over @bgardner's role as the head of @studiopress. Got some pretty big shoes to fill 😊 #gen…
@Photastic Hi, Hans’ brother. ;) -JC
@GraphDesigning @wpengine That’s what we love to hear! Thanks for spreading the good word! -JC
@sruano Absolutely! Update away... :) -JC
@bradonomics Noted. Thanks for the feedback! -JC
@apriljpurdy @WordPress Absolutely! Check out Lynda or Treehouse for high quality third-party courses. Something specific you hope to learn?
@gordonmedley We're not seeing anything global that would cause that. Please send us a support ticket so we can troubleshoot for you? -JC
@CLE_Ren Please email us first to talk through it? -JC
@LostNCheeseland Sure! It all depends on how you choose to put the theme to work for you. :) -JC
@codebrake Sorry for the late Twitter reply. If you're still having trouble, please contact support? -JC
@toddlohenry Hi there! We’re emailing you, but think our messages might not be getting through. Would you please confirm receipt? -JC
@sushantsahoo Hi Sushant! Please send us a support ticket? We're happy to help! -JC
@nuena Awesome! @CDils did an awesome job with those. Glad you're finding them helpful! -JC
@fictionabled Very cool! Please let us know if we can help? Thanks! -JC
@KindraCotton First time for everything! :) You can contact us from your MyStudioPress account or email Thanks! -JC
@KindraCotton Please send our support team a ticket? We can get you what you need… Thanks! -JC
@RunwayChef How strange. Sorry about that. Are you still seeing an error? -JC
@MelindaDiOrio Please email our support team at -- we'll be happy to help! -JC
@ginabegin Not sure if you've gotten the rest of the way yet, but if not, please email -- we're happy to help! -JC

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