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@JeffGeoghan Please let us know if we can help? Also, thanks for the kind words and support, @LauraMonroe! -JC
@JeffGeoghan Both StudioPress and Copyblogger are using custom themes built upon the Genesis Framework. :) -JC
@chadfife Wow! That looks fantastic, Chad! Congrats on a beautifully executed site launch! Also, thanks for choosing StudioPress. -JC
@joyfullysmitten It's absolutely gorgeous, Kristina! Thanks for the kind words and for choosing to use Genesis! -JC
@RudyHassall Sorry for the delayed reply, Rudy! Have you seen Agency? Might that work? -JC
@kikolani Thanks for the referral, Kristi! And @AndyDetweiler, please don't hesitate to let us know if we can help. :) -JC
@bwhli We had a very brief interruption of service, but everything's up and running now. Are you able to get to the theme page? -JC
@matthewpoll We had a very brief blip, but everything's up and running now. Are you able to open it? -JC
@natty_larkin Hi Natalie, we responded to your first email within 3 hours and just emailed again today. Did you receive those? -JC
@consciousimages Wow! That's beautiful!!! Thanks for choosing Genesis! -JC
@Eanlevon Thanks for the kind words! We're happy to hear you're enjoying Genesis! -JC
@finkelde You can use a plugin for that sort of functionality. If you'd like to email us specific questions, we'd be happy to help! -JC
@KelliLNelson It's gorgeous, Kelli! Thanks for picking StudioPress! -JC
@KindaTwisty Hi there! This post by @Nick_TheGeek might help with that: If not, please email us? -JC
@finkelde Sure is! May we answer any other questions or otherwise be of assistance? -JC
@iamchrisgreen Any good plugin in the WP directory should work with Genesis. It really depends on how you want it to look/function. :) -JC
@MathMcCabe Would you please email us at support at copyblogger dot com? We'd be happy to help you with this. Thanks! -JC
@VikramTechGoyal Hi Vikram! It looks like our tech team already responded. Is there more we can do to assist you? -JC
@BlogTyrant It's over here! :)
@shortsmallsweet Please log into your account portal and fill and email us. We are happy to help. - KC

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