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@michaelq @AusClicks Sure. The best way to handle this would be to contact our support team. We can answer all your questions there. -JC
@AusClicks Hi Michael! Not sure what you mean about your footer, but please email us so we can help? -JC
@kylechowning Hi Kyle! Just about any theme would work for that. It really depends on what else you want from a design... -JC
@jmksyd We're excited for you, too! Excellent use of the Agency theme -- clean and captivating. Great work! -JC
@cdils @michaelq Carrie's right. Also, if you have an old version of a theme that's gone pro, we'll hook you up with the new one. -JC
@pureliving4life Thanks! It makes us hungry just thinking about them... :) -JC
@ShmuelyHoffman Thanks, Shea! I'm glad we could get this right for you. If we can help more, please let us know. -JC
@ShmuelyHoffman We're sorry, Shea. I figured out the issue - the email entered was I'm emailing you back now. :) -JC
@clumsycrafter Thanks for the shout and the kind words, Bobbie! We greatly appreciate it. :) -JC
@Spyder46 Sure! Once you own Genesis, you're in. Anything you want to buy after that purchase comes with our loyalty discount. :) -JC
@Spyder46 Once you own the Framework, you can buy child themes individually with your returning customer discount. Does that help? :) -JC
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@adrian_ng Not out of the box, but @nick_thegeek built a plugin that might help: -JC
@modcommonplace It's absolutely GORGEOUS, Ginny! Congrats on your most-deserved feature! -JC
@maartenbierman We have those! Check this out to see whether ours are right for you: :) -JC
@haslund Sure! Please email our support team so we can talk through the 140+ specifics? -JC
@maartenbierman @Twelveskip Thanks for letting us know! We're fixing that now... :) -JC
@bamajr Thanks for the heads up! We're on it... cc @nestguy
@kimchi_mom That's correct. Plus, you'll have a "returning customer" discount for additional themes! -JC
@Rajiv_MG Very cool! We look forward to seeing the finished product! -JC

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