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Milford Memories begins August 12th!
Go fund me! Thank you for helping with my Kid's Cooking business plan!
Will it ever stop snowing?
Business it illegal to solicate donations to start a for-profit business? Awesome plan in the works...need money!
Paper new love! Now I just need time to develop my website. This is only one of my 2011 goals!
Zooreka and Family Fun have been updated!
Cranium Cadoo and Cadoo 2 have been updated! <yes, I'm somewhat behind on updates!>
Trick...leave the office window open and enjoy the "cooler than normal" breeze. Kids think it's too cold in the office & promptly leave!
Balloon Lagoon & Hoopla have been updated!
Cariboo and Original Cranium have been updated!
Just finished updating Cranium WOW!
If an item says SOLD OUT, it will forever be sold out! No immediate plans for replenishing stock
Working on updating my site this week - finally!
VACATION NOTICE...Orders placed 6/29/10 through 07/09/10 will not ship until 07/12/10 Thank you!
VACATION NOTICE...orders placed Tues 4/20 thru Fri 4/23 will not ship until Mon 4/26 thx
Went to the new Sonic..the car battery died...was told by our car hop that it happens at least once a day...Glad we fit right in!
Ahh..almost Friday! I have a busy, busy 3 days coming up..yeah!
Up at 4 AM, back home at 5 AM...Black Friday is so not my thing! Internet I come!
It's amazing how the days go by so fast
What a beautiful weekend!

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Love paper crafts! Mother of 3, middle school teacher...Love internet! Currently developing a business plan! My passion is to start a kid's cooking business!

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