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San Fran was beautiful this week. Will Californians drink bright, fresh Sauvignon and instead of the oily Ca stuff?
why do I find most Californian wines so disappointing?
Retweeting @simondingle: #SAis now selling more wine to the rest of the world than it is at home, for the first time -
Busy day ahead tomorrow, putting up more posters, missionary work and get everyone in town Dreaming BiG
You can follow me here for wine updates, though my main Twitter page is over at @gapingvoid. So now you know... Hurrah!
[Mea Culpa:] Please follow my updates over at @gapingvoid until I get this mess sorted out, Thanks....
Sorry about the confusion, Everybody....
RT @gapingvoid: I'm talking to the people at Twitter about changing the name of @gapingvoid to "@stormhoek" , to save everybody trouble
Been working on a painting all day. Not going well... *SIGH*
@oneredpaperclip Has that movie they were making about you come out yet?
@oneredpaperclip I met you in London in 2007. I'm the cartoonist guy aka @gapingvoid
Back in the Stormhoek saddle again...
So.... anyone want to buy a bottle of South African Shiraz?
Hello to all my new @stormhoek pals!
To go from 15K followers to 672 followers feels like a bit of a blow, not sure why...
Hello, Stormhoekers!
#miamibeach. Spent a great deal of yesterday figuring out what I'll be doing with Stormhoek once I get back home to #alpinetexas
@garyvee How about a Stormhoek promo special show with @gapingvoid :)
Nice Pinotage review in this month's Wine Enthusiast
@megmaker, not yet, other than to Air Canada. Any thoughts?

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