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Its my birthday!! RT @a99kitten: "It's my birthday today!!! I'm 11 years young!"
I love my good morning ear rubs
All my deck snow melted this afternoon. Hmph.
Mom made us watch #gameofthrones before she fed me. She 's pretty lucky I'm not as hungry as a direwolf tonight.
I am now on @pack because I'm a fancy husky!
My understanding of this holiday is I wake up and I get an Easter bunny. Right? Because I don't have one. So...what the heck?
Waiting for my friends at the beach
What the heck is with this heat?
Yay!! My friends are here! I'm stalking them!
My friends aren't here :/ I'll hang out & wait for them...
Is that beef jerky you've got there Mom?
I am showing my support for my feral cousins for Defenders of Wildlife's #wolfweek
Mom brought me to the beach BEFORE our morning neighborhood walk. She is totally messing up our routine! #humans
@starwarsfans Thanks!!
It's my birthday and I'll ah-rooooo if I want to!!
I like laying on my windy deck and relaxing. Mom keeps checking on me to make sure I'm ok. Dogs nap's what we do.
Had fun at Mavericks today. But it's not the same without my brother. I miss him.
I'm AM celebrating National Puppy Day
I'm searching for chipmunks!
@FritzTheHusky Here is one of me - can you believe this?!?! Torture!!

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