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Back on Maui, but not home yet, I'm in Wailea and getting set to do one more CEO presentation, then I'll be heading home with great elation.
I haven't tweeted in a very long time, but as before I'll do it in rhyme. Soon I'll have some things to say but this will do fine for today.
Getting your two minds working together as one, is how you really get great things done. Take a look, it's in my book!
I'm going to be interviewed on this morning at 9am Hawaii Time, 11am Pacific time. Tune in if you have the chance.
If you want to keep your New Year's resolutions, read my book, Focused Passion, it's full of lots of great solutions.
Happiness is a choice, just choose which inner voice to make clear. If you hear love over fear, then it will appear.
Want an easy book to read that just might give you what you need to focus your mind and to succeed, fine, read mine.
Mainly what is causing you stress, is imaginary danger. Responding by feeling safe, is such a complete game changer.
Focused Passion is my new book. Personal Empowerment is the hook. It's for seekers & learners who want to know, a better faster way to grow.
No book can make you happy but if you take a look, you can make you happy with what's inside my book.
What aspect of your mind would you like to enhance? Want to better understand the thought/feeling dance? Read & learn!
Find it hard to concentrate? Find your focus isn't great? I'll be happy to show you how. Get my book and read it now.
Someone liked my book so much they ordered up a dozen. It wasn't my wife or my best friend, it wasn't even my cousin.
I edited my book from over 500 pages down to 132. I did this to make reading it much easier for you.
Personal empowerment because you're the only one, who is blessed with the ability to get the job done.
If you are one who loves to read, allow me now to plant a seed. Please take a look at my new book.

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