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Millennials are the most likely generation of Americans to use public libraries
6:30pm Hey it's sunny! Nope Yes Nope Yes Nope Nope 6:40pm #chicagoweather
@screaminmonkey #BachelorChow
@screaminmonkey Omg what did you do... and where's the dog
My cousin told me in response to yesterday's events, they went into London for a nice lunch. #LondonAttacks #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling
It is only Wednesday and I cannot keep up with the pace of shenanigans in the world right now
Are we using #covfefe as a verb yet?
It's official, I'm registered for my first ILA conference! Heading to #ILA2017Brussels to participate in the ESRC with @the_ILA this Oct!
@screaminmonkey @PollyannaBrewCo @pollyanna_chris It's great! Thanks!
@screaminmonkey Grilly McSmokington
Bought a rose bush today to plant in my yard. I have no idea what I'm doing.
I think I follow more dogs on instagram than humans #moreinterestinganyway
@screaminmonkey Good job
@screaminmonkey @pollyanna_chris Da real MVP
RT @CollegeDuPage: Tomorrow is Commencement! Tag us in your commencement posts with #codgrad.
@screaminmonkey @huck1eberry you're in it now @huck1eberry !
@huck1eberry @screaminmonkey

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Grad student with a passion for crafting & Etsy! I love back & white photography, vintage pyrex, & all things handmade.. especially things made out of felt!

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