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As tiring as doing Photoshoppy work is--I mean the kind that someone with a drawing artist's skill would enjoy...
Thanks for the props, Tom!
The wind's blowing at something like 50-60 mph outside. But as much as I'm no fan of winter and I want to get out...
Okay, so I'm now in my favorite work situation: more than a single book to work on today. I've begun adapting the...
@tmorkes Thanks for the kind words, Tom. Funny how it makes me feel to see someone else say I've been at this for 25 years already!
There's nothing so great as being contacted by someone about doing a book and, the more you talk with them, the...
.@Amazon: join 750+ corporations & stop advertising w/ Breitbart. Breitbart's brand of bigotry is bad for business.
@_EdThompson And, yes, I’d like to have a look.
@hungryduchess Okay, good luck going forward.
@_EdThompson Well, you've already self-published? SO what exactly are you planning now? And what services are you looking for?
@_EdThompson Find someone for your book layout yet?
@hungryduchess Find a book designer for your book's interior yet?
RT @HalfOnionInABag: .@realDonaldTrump fixed your tweet. #StopPresidentBannon
Discussing a possible new project tomorrow with a possible new client. Fingers crossed. Need sleep now.
Ready to take on a "pay-it-forward" book design/layout project. In other words, I'll charge a seriously reduced rate for the right project.
Permanently deleted Quora account. Too many stupid questions by stupid people or trolls & a dimwitted “be nice” policy stifles calling out.
Freedom of the Press and This Book Designer
So I wrote this short piece for the blog and now it's up.
Just reminiscing with a clients and told him " ... there was a time when I hoped to write and have published the...
If there's one thing Quora teaches, it's that there are such things as stupid questions.

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