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RT @DemWrite: The #GOPTaxScam proves one thing: that the GOP hates regular Americans. This is one of those moments when we need everybody t…
@BeverlyVisconti Never going to happen. Like a house of cards, once the truth is known about how little he earns or…
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@thehill Only imbeciles, misogynysts, and GoP scumbags doubt that Moore is a pedophile.
So like the “small-handed” coward @realDonaldTrump is, he left the country on “a trip”.
@realDonaldTrump knew today’s elections would be a repudiation of his unpatriotic scumbaggery.
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Waiting to here on a few book design possibilities. It's funny that the waiting tends to wear me out, but that...
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Busy season hasn't started up again yet, so I'm looking for a few book design/layout projects. Anyone?
Let me help you publish a book indistinguishable from traditionally published books.
Met somebody online who does voiceover, audiobooks. She’s bright, young & looking for paying work.
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I’m looking for a break from children’s books and smaller format books. Anyone need a designer/layout artist for a big coffee table book?
@brianstegner Have my emails reached you? I'm up a creek without a paddle, unable to get my email. And the host won't answer my emails.
Anyone recommend an up-to-date book (newer the better; not more than a year or two old) on making ebooks that includes details on coding?
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Ready fornanother "pay-it-forward" project. The summer was busy and profitable, so now I can afford to take one...
Facebook’s nothing but trouble today. I wonder if it’s reached critical mass & has imploded? Please, someone invent a Facebook replacement!
Okay, it was a nice summer. I was moderately busy, but able to break for fun whenever I wanted to. Now I want to...

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