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Add some star power to any #MacbookPro with this Universe Star Keyboard Decal by MaMoLimited
@LouiseOfArabia Good idea :-)
#WhatMakesEverybodyMad Mercury retrograding back into Mars while the imminent FullMoon lines up to oppose them both. Mars rules anger & war.
Now that #Mercury is #retrograde for the next few weeks, it's time to be extra nice to anyone who works with computers ;-)
heads-up! RT @patpaquette: This week: Saturn and Mercury retrograde. Make sure your anti-virus program is up-to-date.
Stationing #Saturn emphasizes #security issues. Disable Java in browsers now to avoid getting #hacked like #Facebook
RT @rnolle: #Meteor_strikes, #nuke_tests, the papacy and the #Sun are in today’s #update
Calling all #Virgo types! You will love this. It's a list of lists:
A Moonrise Unlike Any You've Ever Seen  Watch this one in full-screen!
Something's in the Air...can you feel it? Today's #Libra Moon forms an air sign triplicity w/ #Gemini Jupiter & #Aquarius Sun/Mercury/Mars.
The #asteroid will be racing across the sky, moving almost a full degree (twice the width of a full #Moon) every minute
Look up @ 11pm EST Monday Jan 21 to see what astronomers call an #appulse — a very close approach of #Moon & #Jupiter
Astrologers will love this "Summer" browser extension—it shows #birthdate of each notable person mentioned on a webpage
Obama's official swearing in 2day w/ Taurus Moon conj. S. Node, Opposite Saturn & T-Squared by Mars all = Stubbornness, Blockage & Conflict.
@SkylerRosey haha I love that. I'm going to frame it and hang it up on the wall right next to the telephone :-)
@SkylerRosey ssssh! we aren't supposed to know that yet ;-) lol
I wonder if aliens ask each other if they believe in humans.
Go home're drunk!
RT @starsofwonder: The world did not have to be beautiful to work. But it is. What does that mean? -Mary Oliver #QOTD
#FF #Astrologers <3 @ElsaElsa @astrologers_ @sarahsastro @StarsAndStones @starcana @venusinthefifth @Astrochologist @soulastrology @bernmora

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