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#DumpKelloggs boycott Kelloggs as they aren't conservative
@CaseyNeistat you sure do bring up vlogging a lot for not wanting to vlog. Take a vacation. Best of luck.
@BillGates a true American would turn the award back in.
@BBOverTheTop No politics please
@MayorSlay thanks for Mr. Trump
@LaurenHolly Shut up and act.
@clairecmc be sure to vote for your competition the next time you run
@MayorSlay North #StLouis, where the bullets free. Wanna get AWAY? #tcot
What? I'm at the #opry
@thecrowesnest @Tom_Winter nope. Trump has balls. Literally.
Vehicles aren't the same class - "Three-wheeled Solo electric vehicle motors past Elio on way to market" via @nwtls
@localguides too bad the April deadline process was messed up.
@ElioMotors "stalled out" certainly is a good description of #Elio production output.
@Milbank - opinion journalists are wanna be legitimate reporters.
Make sure to avoid N. #StLouis. St Louis, where the bullets fly free, wanna get away?
Anything for attention - - > Miss #Missouri Erin O'Flaherty tells her coming out story: 'It was really hard'
@MayorSlay Don't take the VP through North #StLouis. St Louis where the bullets fly free, wanna get away?
Take a chill pill and duct tape your trap.
@MayorSlay 2 officers injured in police chase in N #StL #StLouis, where bullets fly free, wanna get away
Thanks, I'll review your link.

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