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@whiteer8 I doo not noes wut dis mean. But, nice doggie.
@BehemothDog Happy birfday BeeMoth! I lubs yoo.
@AustinStKloud @westernlvr @TexasHumor Whar yoo bees? Squirt in #WallaWalla Yoo wanna sing Da Squirt da birfday song? In too mont.
#WallaWalla https://t.co/J0ZbFJU8tu
@Sal_Paradise1 Dood! I do misses yoo! All dis starting ub zombie nations gots us all discombobulated.
#WallaWalla https://t.co/8RxZp6bk4L
RT @Pawcircle: #PAWCIRCLE RT @FindMacy: Please RT Missing Jack Russell Terrier Dibden Purlieu area #Southampton https://t.co/rf1TNOOYY3 RT
An da bestus meme mans EBAR! https://t.co/5EQBnlR7LD
O. M. D. Dey out Black Butte Porter #Super1 wee haffa get Obsidian. IT NOT DA SAME! WUT YOO DOO @deschutesbeer?
Bees careful! https://t.co/v2p9XJ1UfI
Bwahahaha https://t.co/qN0ldJQbMq
#TongueOutTuesday https://t.co/X3pZWeMgFz
#TongueOutTuesday https://t.co/2GcLgeTETg
#TongueOutTuesday https://t.co/NGpz4W6zKv
#TongueOutTuesday https://t.co/hYL3ZlfB8y
#TongueOutTuesday https://t.co/mneXE2J0T4
Furends an fambly wellcums Da @MichaelW_Mote. Please doggies follows him acuz I askeeredity he gets a cat ur sumpin. #StupidHoomanTricks
Y YOO NO ANSWER MY TWEAKS??? https://t.co/znnge65ChY
Hay @michaelw_mote how’s it hangin’?
@ubsheilahagar Whar? Acuz Da Squirt lub da cheeses.

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About SquirtGG

I was born at a very early age and grew up as a puppy.

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