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@TristanBrothert Your subscription has been cancelled and the charge has been refunded. Apologies for the inconvenience.
@cjlaughlin We'll definitely pass that along to the culinary team - feel free to reach out to support@sprig.com w/ any other requests!
@fleurdesel Our support team mentioned they reached out about the late delivery. Glad to hear everything was sorted out!
@fleurdesel Oh no! Sorry to hear your order is running late tonight. If you reach out to support@sprig.com they can give you an update.
@Matt_Lo No date set. But we will definitely let you know once we do!
We're back and up and running! All hands on deck at Sprig to make lunch happen sans power.
Due to an SF citywide power outage, we'll be starting lunch a bit later than usual. We'll be back up and running with a limited menu soon!
@jendonovansf Yes, it certainly does! We will follow up with our delivery team about this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
@BurntBrunch Thanks for the heads up on Firefox issue. We've alerted our eng team of the issue and hope to have a fix soon.
@georgia_cIaire Looks like we're sold out of boxed cookies for today, but we have lots of individual cookies ready to go!
@georgia_cIaire We have plenty available now - glad you love the cookies just as much as we do!
@CaraEliseM Looks like that might be a old version of our Za'aatar Chicken served w/ a bulgar pilaf & cucumber salad - thanks for the love!
@LaurenMcHale 😄
@kjramming Yikes! Our support team will be reaching out to you about your order shortly
@davidbyttow Woah! Thanks for letting us know, we just updated those items.
@taygrave We're constantly rotating the menu! We'll be sure to let the culinary team know that you'd love to see the salmon back again!
@jrizizthebiz The kitchen is just putting the finishing touches on the Carolina BBQ, so you should be able to place an order very soon!
@BurntBrunch Yikes! Sorry for any trouble - we'll have support reach out asap!
Sprig is in the air! Happy first day of #spring! https://t.co/ParbDafyZw
@DunWang Hi Dun, we'll help you out right away with this! We just emailed you back to get a little more information. Thanks!

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