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It was a wonderful combined effort and it is important that these plays are being given and being seen. -audience member #impulse #talkback
I have never been so taken in all 40 years of coming to the theatre. -audience member #impulse #talkback
Being an artist asks you to use your imagination and broaden your reach of compassion. @dansbyrd #impulse #talkback
It's not just about a symbol, it's about changing hearts and changing minds.-Robert Moore, Dancer #impulse #talkback
[(IM)PULSE] forced me to acknowledge the complexity of my identity @dansbyrd #impulse #talkback
The rehearsal process is about excavating authenticity. You dig and try to reveal what's there that may not be obvious.@dansbyrd #impulse
(IM)PULSE talk-back happening now! Hosted by Office of Civil Rights' Casey Connelly @seattlerep #impulse… https://t.co/c0ITCpi6tq
I felt real anger and sadness in a way that I never knew dance could make me feel.-Casey Connelly, Office of Civil Rights #talkback#impulse
RT @teentix: LGBTQ+ people have always faced discrimination. IM(PULSE) at @SpectrumDT explores and reveals: https://t.co/Jbz77LCjJP #PRIDE
RT @CulturalAccessW: Before he was a Science Guy @BillNye was just a kid. Hands-on learning got him interested in science. The Science Guy…
RT @MJStrangeways: So excited for this show at @SpectrumDT https://t.co/xw2l2wLvFN
RT @SeattleDances: #danceweekendSEA SIDF, @SpectrumDT, @theDangerSwitch, JKLM Studio: Indigo Project + NW New Works Festival! Info: https:/…
RT @diydancer: What's good in Seattle now thru July 2 @spectrumdt #impulse @seattlerep • Dd's @alej_iannone… https://t.co/RoYT0bhF91
✓ᴴᴰ Best Animation Movies For Kids 2016 Gasquatch Truckball Team up Ca... https://t.co/0iXODaErdc
jazzyphoto's photo https://t.co/afFSyZcWMF
Thank you to our panelists, event partners @Crosscut and sponsor @RainierArts for making the immigration panel a re… https://t.co/ucuD861nLu
Check out more immigrant stories here https://t.co/MOvFLXRUXJ
We have to refuse to live segregated lives. @bookda @Crosscut @RainierArts #spectrumdt
We shouldn't feel pressured to educate our oppressor. The best thing we can do is live a life full of joy.@Larrainzar13
Existing everyday and moving forward with my life is an act of defiance. @GracielaPike #immigrantvoices @Crosscut @RainierArts

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Spectrum Dance Theater: A contemporary dance company, presenting work by Donald Byrd & guest artists. Tweets by Josh on news, blog posts, dance history & more!

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