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I've just been to the 23rd Bluegrass Festival Comwy. If you like fiddley banjoy guitary type music then take some time out this w/end.
Don't you just hate it when you get up from your seat to order another beer and someone steals your seat.
“@debjam: Fucking hell:” I know and I still have a gift card from Burtons my Mum gave for last Xmas.
RT @richord: Steve Jobs Presents Apple’s New HQ to Cupertino City Council | WebProNews via @webpronews
Answers on a postcard, tw*tter or Facetwat. Or when my Mum isn't watching daytime tele she has an opinion.
Is #Chestercity good for mares or just for good Mares.
@MattjDrake and it's all good stuff so keep those updates coming.
@MattjDrake Are you sat in the same room as Ed_Dale as there appears to be a trend emanating from my twitter feed.
Been practicing 'GranMa's Feather Bed' on the guitar ready for the 'Blue Grass Festival' Conwy in July, can't wait.
Quick Q. If I qualify as a #Pattester how often do I need to requalify ? Yoh #sparky peoples.
Oh! And if you do get a chance check out a little cafe MADE BY JONTY on sharrow vale road food is awesome.
Thanks #sheffield for warm welcome on my visit today, outstanding landscape a site not to be missed.
“@MattjDrake: Try Mobile App Mastery For Two Weeks For Just $1!” Ask me again once I get me a mac bookie thingymebobs
“@mrstevenallen: You know, fellow Brits, we really should make the effort to learn a foreign - dw'r si chwariad y nine gont!
“@seanprice: If there are any young web developers / designers - that's the thing with us old guys we can work remotely. Gd luk with that ;-
Only 1% of online business are successful, that means there are 99% more interviews to conduct than @AndrewWarner can possible do.
Lets get together an feel al' right. I feel a song coming on;)
RT @michellem: You already knew about the concept of "author authority" from my video in February - but here's Google confirming it. htt ...

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