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RT @BadTeacherCBS: Could this #BadTeacher school @BigBang_CBS crew with a lesson in social savvy?…
RT @SpiderManMovie: These two are on fire at the Red Carpet for #SpiderMan! @aliciakeys @therealswizzz
RT @SpiderManMovie: Paul Giamatti, aka Rhino, arrives on the red carpet. #SpiderMan
RT @YahooMovies: See Andrew Garfield, @iamjamiefoxx and all the #Spiderman 2 stars on the red carpet…
RT @SpiderManMovie: #SpiderMan soundtrack collaborator @aliciakeys and @THEREALSWIZZZ greet fans on the red carpet.
And now it's @danedehaan's turn for a #selfie! #SpiderMan
RT @iamjamiefoxx: #SpiderMan premiere red carpet with my biggest fan and #TeamElectro president.
Emma Stone #selfie at the Amazing #SpiderMan 2 Premiere!
RT @YahooMovies: Another @iamjamiefoxx & Electro mini me photo because... aw! #SpiderMan
RT @SpiderManMovie: Emma Stone has arrived at The Amazing #SpiderMan 2 red carpet!
Emma Stone and @aliciakeys grace the red carpet in style! #SpiderMan
RT @SpiderManMovie: #SpiderMan soundtrack collaborators @Johnny_Marr and @RealHansZimmer pose together on the red carpet!…
Emma Stone just gave one of her young fans an autographed premiere ticket. Adorable. #SpiderMan
Emma Stone looking truly amazing at the #SpiderMan 2 Premiere!
RT @SpiderManMovie: It's not easy being green! @danedehaan wears his character's signature color on the red carpet in NYC!…
RT @SpiderManMovie: The Amazing #SpiderMan 2 director @MarcW on the red carpet.
.@Pharrell and @iamjamiefoxx have arrived! #SpiderMan
RT @SpiderManMovie: Lighting up the Red (and blue) Carpet for #SpiderMan with Sally Field!
RT @SpiderManMovie: Lighting up the Red (and blue) Carpet for #SpiderMan with @iamjamiefoxx
RT @SpiderManMovie: Our spidey senses are tingling... #SpiderMan

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