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My daughter returned from Spring break in RP with her daughter and and 4 teenage girls - they hated to leave and are ready to go back!
Spring break bigger in Rocky Point than ever!
Rocky Point Rocks - http://eepurl.com/7S7s
Change is constant in Mexico - http://eepurl.com/PZSj
Change is constant in Mexico - http://eepurl.com/PZvL
We are starting a list of pet-friendly hotels. Can you help?
July 4th in Mexico? - http://eepurl.com/EUK3
Rocky Point has a real live "slots only" casino, the Lucky Point (get it?). Visitors have been enthusiastic. Go, gamble, live a little.
Got a business in RP or Sonora? Free ads! Contact us.
April 14 - all cell phones in Mexico must be registered. Foreigners buying new ones must present passport for ID.
Emergency roadside assistance in Rocky Point - from US Phone 602-512-1601. Local # 638-388-8207.
Make copies of insurance policies and tourist papers. Give to companion. If you get separated, paper docs (like med docs) help n emergencies
Christmas Eve and all through the house, our programmer was working like a little mouse. You can order a policy online again! Cheeze please!
Is the Mexican peso in trouble? IVA (sales tax on everything) will go up 1% Jan. 1, some say to offset declining remittances from USA.
Mexican cops got early Xmas presents, nation-wide - radar guns! So go the posted speed limits in towns, even if others pass you..
We see people driving to Mexico again. They realized it is still safe, maybe safer than here. Plus hotels are bargains now.

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