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Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked:
@QueenMadb @KatrinaGMusic that's why you should always back up your myspace profile information for easy restoration! check me out..
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RT @webnews20: Facebook Rolls Out New Security Features to Fight Hackers
RT @channelinsider Seven Social Media Security Snafus - Spotlight news from Channel Insider
RT @ZionistInfidel: Hacked!: My personal email, as well as website emails, Facebook, LinkedIN and Myspace were all hacked by the same .. ...
@tyegeerboi Maybe you'd want to save account info now! It's fast and easy with SocialBackster so next time you don't lose any data!
RT @mashable 4 Ways the Entertainment Industry is Getting More Social
MySpace Co-Presidents Reveal Company’s Plan for the Future (interview)
@SeelGomez1 You can now backup locally on your PC your MySpace account!This will eliminate the hassle of running 2 accounts at the same time
@Metallica931991 Sorry to hear that! How did it happen??
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