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How to Cash In On Appliance Rebates To Save Energy and Money
When's the last time you changed your AC filter? It should be checked often and cleaned or replaced every 3 months.
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Today we're finding out how much your home's value can increase when you make it more energy efficient. Any ideas/links/proof?
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Super easy #eco tip: Lower your hot water heater to 120°F -125°F. This will save a lot of energy & you'll barely notice a difference. #green
#Eco Tip: For the rest of the summer, keep your blinds and curtains closed during the day to keep out heat from the sun. #green #energy
#Eco Tip: Turn off your computer at night. Putting it to sleep does not save electric, turning it off does! #energy #green
#Eco Tip: Plugging your electronics into a power strip and turning it all off when you're not using it can save up to $10 per month! #green
RT @chrisgillick: I love this! *and* it's truly Eco-Friendly! Now if only I had time to make 4 or 5! via @addthis
#Eco Tip: Don't leave outside lights on. Instead get motion-sensing lights. They'll come on when you need them & save energy. #green #energy
Eco-Monday Tip: Only wash full loads of laundry -and dirty dishes! Half-loads cost just as much as a full-load!! #eco #green #energy
Save Energy Tip: Don't run your dishwasher's dry cycle! Open the door & let your dinner dishes air-dry instead! #green #eco #energy-saver
Save Energy Tip: Turn the lights and ceiling fan off whenever you leave a room. #Green #Eco-Monday Follow us for more energy tips.

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