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Going to Tachi Palace!!!!!
@NapaRonCapps I see you down there on your phone! Let's see if you get this...
Have I mentioned that spherical water towers upset me? Because they do.
At the hanford raceway. We've been here about 10 minutes and already I've been hit in the back of the head with a purse, then an ass.
RT @RSB2: I love bass players, even when they realised they couldn't play real guitar they didn't give up
Loki is standing in the fountain. Silly dog.
Dear Snails: I thought you were supposed to be nocturnal. It is light now. Please go away.
It's 4:20 on 4/20 <3
I have 2 pairs of flip flops. Why oh why can I only find the left shoe of each pair?
@KnittedGalaxy On a side note, when I do go grocery shopping, I try to use this as a shopping tactic: I only need what I can carry! I fail.
@KnittedGalaxy I think venison chili is my spirit animal!
@KnittedGalaxy The idea is cute, but rural living means I get to grow and raise a lot of my food. I want to add wild game to that!
I want to learn to hunt!
@RockTristan Thanks for adding some more old school Linkin Park to the mix lately. Its safe to say you've made my week.
It's 10am and there's already some drunk lady yelling "Yee-Haw!" At the geese in the park. Welcome to Atascadero!
@YarnHarlot So it's not just me. I always end up taking All The Projects!
@fvcorneliamarie. Thanks for the follow! I enjoyed the show tonight, which is nothing new....
Eliot used to be one of my fave captains on Deadliest Catch. Tonight I lost all respect for him. Dude, you're an ass.
Just put two and two together. Allstates Mayhem dude was a detective on Law and Order SVU. This made me lol
RT @GnomeAcres: Small Rant: If you're going to copy my product, fine. But at least don't copy my product description word for word. That ...

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