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@mrvesco Wonderful, Tim! We are so thrilled that you and your students had so much fun :) We have a feeling you’ll be experts in no time!
@Mr_OBrien15 Wonderful! We can’t wait to hear more :) We’re sure that you and your students will have a great time!
@clubocando Hi there! Did you know that you can find lots of other classes to #mysteryskype with at
@edutechnoranger That's wonderful, Tod! Did you know that you can also find lots of other interesting experts at
RT @edutechnoranger: Luff Early Education Skype on Grandparents Day. Papa Dave shared his Karate with us #ISDstrong
N is for new school year. Think outside of the box with new lesson plans! Join us #SkypeAtoZ
RT @TeachFirst: Read how our ambassador Katy Hardman took pupils 63ft underwater, 9 miles off the Florida coast, with @SkypeClassroom http:…
@Mlle_Hawkes Hi there, Danna! Did you know that you can search for other classes by location on our interactive map:
RT @tbush: Fabien Cousteau takes North London students on a dive in the North Atlantic Great post from @SkypeClassro…
@mrsjones72812 We are so pleased that you’re enjoying our new map, Nikki! We are sure that you will make it to all 50 states this year :)
RT @mrsjones72812: LOVE the new @SkypeClassroom location search! Hoping to get to ALL 50 states this year! #obsessed #mysteryskype
Never a dull moment with the @nightzookeeper! Join this interactive excursion into the animal kingdom #SkypeAtoZ
@voigto Have you found our teacher toolkit: There’re lots of great tips about making the most of our free resources!
@voigto That’s great, Oliver! We’ll be sure to promote this lesson to our teaching community later today :)
@voigto Hi Oliver! Have you considered turning this great idea into a lesson for experts/ other classes to find at
@cekster That's great, Carol! We know what you mean- our teaching community blow us away all of the time :) Their dedication is constant!
RT @MatthewWinner: 24 amazing classes on @SkypeClassroom who want to connect with YOU for #DotDay! @DotClubConnect …
It's time to put your 'thinking caps' on! Join us tomorrow at #SkypeAtoZ as we share inspirational ideas under the letter 'N'!
RT @teachintechgal: AWESOME #mysterskype via @Katwdan @mrscsclass1 @SkypeClassroom @NolanPTA @MtnEdFoundation @canterburyftmy @s_bearden ht…
@sloveridge Hi there! You can find everything you need to start collaborating with classes across the world at :)

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Skype have launched a directory to help teachers enrich their lessons using Skype (currently in beta) - all teachers welcomed. Follow our stream for updates!

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