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@marianallanos @Lecuru4thGrade Thank YOU for participating, Mariana! It looks like they had an amazing time!
RT @marianallanos: Look at these lovely children!They're the future,thnx for letting me inspire them! @Lecuru4thGrade @SkypeClassroom http:…
RT @Lecuru4thGrade: Skype writing lesson with @marianallanos @SkypeClassroom!
RT @mobilejpop: Dr @paulboghossian, thank you for joining @madeiraschool's Religion & Morality class for a @SkypeClassroom chat! http://t.c…
RT @mitchells_mavs: Reading celebration on skype with friends from Georgia! #MRpln @mrespurson @SkypeClassroom @Lunasclass…
RT @TeamMurch4: Thx @DMSauthor for a terrific #early morning #Skype! We enjoyed learning from u! @Skypeclassroom @BSEhseIN @HSE_21 http://t…
RT @mswilliams0012: @SkypeClassroom w/ @nightzookeeper and he shared some of our stories! @2ndgradekramer #wcwm15
@Gruber3rdGrade @nightzookeeper We hope you had a great time!!
@beverly_ladd @SkypeMoments Incredible!! Hats off to you!
@JulieDoyle120 So glad you enjoyed it!
.@CapeFearAcad combats loneliness with our Just Say Hello Ambassador Project – they even created a club!
RT @schoolincloud: How does our society adapt to an ageing population for today's #bigqchallenge @SkypeClassroom
RT @ReisJen: The author of Tino the Tortoise shares her writing process with us! @SkypeClassroom #tsdthinkers #morsepride…
@SchantzClass We're glad everyone had fun!
RT @beverly_ladd: We have had a lot of people for the #pvskype24 @skypeclassroom @skypemoments #winst…
@RFESlibrary @MysterySkype Have fun!!
@authorlindsayc @SEGreenAuthor We would love to have you as one of our guest speakers! You can join here:
RT @beverly_ladd: 3 Skypes, 4 countries, 3 continents and 24,928 miles traveled so far! #pvskype24 @SkypeClassroom
RT @beverly_ladd: This is the places we have @SkypeClassroom #winston @SkypeMoments #pvskype24
RT @schoolincloud: Thinking about poverty for today's #bigqchallenge @SkypeClassroom

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Skype have launched a directory to help teachers enrich their lessons using Skype (currently in beta) - all teachers welcomed. Follow our stream for updates!

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