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News just in! Discover how one #classroom used #Skype to make a call that was out of this world- literally!
@hcallihan Hi there, Heather! It looks like your students did a great job on their first #mysteryskype :) Well done, everyone!
@annfeldmann1 Hi Ann! This is great! Did you also know that you can search for classrooms to #mysteryskype with at
RT @osusanto: @MysterySkype between SIS Palembang and Broadgreen Intermediate School :) F U N !
@bsteinbach Hi there, Bill! Did you know that you can find lots of experts who would love to speak to you class at
RT @Skype: Field trips from the edge of space to the depth of the sea. See how #Skype is creating a global classroom:
RT @KarrinBurns: So much fun working with Sheridan Elementary for an Earth Day project! #skype #D90learns http://t.c…
@MrsSaito1 @HjorthRoadBC You are very welcome indeed! We are so pleased that your class are enjoying learning about other classrooms :)
@Brumbaughcr Hi Chris! Did you know that you can also find lots of classrooms to #mysteryskype with at
@WesleyTabatha We are so thrilled that your students have enjoyed using Skype in their classroom! What has been their favorite call so far?
RT @WesleyTabatha: @SkypeClassroom is the best way to keep kids moving around the world! My students love the search! @MysterySkype! http:/…
@kalpbout @kkidsinvt Hi there, Kelly! Our teacher toolkit is a great place to go when just getting started: :)
RT @A_Fathers_Pride: What is canned hunting and how is it threatening wild lion populations? via @skypeclassroom
RT @Sharks4Kids: WOW! We have done 189 @SkypeClassroom visits in 17 countries! We can #savesharks! #outreach #education #sharkadvocates
RT @aljasngenietoo: Any French Immersion classes looking to connect via #mysteryskype? #frimm @SkypeClassroom
RT @csa_asc: Shout out to the Kootenay Orchards Science Club students in Cranbrook, BC who just spoke with @Astro_Jeremy! @snapdKootenay @S…
RT @GrabowskiScuba: Thank you @A_Fathers_Pride for an excellent @SkypeClassroom about the appalling canned # lion hunting industry. http://…
RT @Liza_Barney: Connecting #bird Migration Monitoring from @LongPointBirdOb to students in Norway House, MB! @SkypeClassroom…
RT @A_Fathers_Pride: Had two great @SkypeClassroom talks with the wonderful classes @GrabowskiScuba & @McCamantsClass in Ontario & Texas t…
@Stokowskiwe Hi Wendy! Did you know that you can search for classrooms by country at

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