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RT @MusoneClass: Excited to be talking about sea turtles with Brad Nahill @SkypeClassroom
@wilsonclassroom Good luck Maureen, let us know how it goes!
RT @MattVillasana: Enjoying some practice #mysteryskype with @paxtonkee 3rd graders #cpsbest
@wj_austin Hi Wendy, you could always try looking at our list of fabulous guest #Skypeintheclassroom guest speakers:
@csulli35 Sounds great Crystal :) Did you know you can find exciting guest speakers for your classroom at ?
RT @csulli35: Students at Fred Moore HS @Skype w/Margarita Engle Author The firefly letters.Lots on #Cuba @dentonisd #dentonchat http://t.c…
RT @mpowers3: RT @SkypeClassroom Experience an American tradition your class will *love*! Sign up for virtual #Valentines Exchange http://t…
RT @RobynThiessen: @skypeclassroom @MrsTsClass1 learning about sharks from @Sharks4Kids #sd36learn
@mrsjpearson Great news - best of luck!
@rashidastephens Hi Rashida, unfortunately, only one user can make a call on any given Skype login at a time.
RT @epixfit: @fit2inspired @epixfit @epixfitjustin #epixkids @SkypeClassroom…
@mrsapia_teach Hi Jimmy, have you tried looking through our list of experienced guest speakers?
Experience an American tradition your class will *love*! Sign up for a virtual #Valentines Exchange on Feb. 14.
@eorourkeca Hi Erin, sorry to hear you're frustrated so far, have you looked at our list of speakers here?
@worldwidewebers @CambridgeLearns Sterling work Becky! Sounds like determination won the battle against technology :)
RT @fishiinthahC: Got some kids in the UK talking about nudibranchs from Heron Island! Thanks @CatlinGroup #CoralLive @SkypeClassroom http:…
RT @WimbledonSchL: Countdown to our face 2 face meeting with our @skypeclassroom pals at Glenridge Middle School, FL,USA.Can´t wait !!! htt…
@israelconnect That's great, Amihai! Let us know how you get along :)
RT @de_updates: Spaces still available (esp. UK times) for @CatlinGroup #CoralLive with @SkypeClassroom. info: http:…
@lidiyanaseredin Hi Середина Лидия! Did you also know that you can create a lesson at for other teachers to find?

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