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RT @Siegel1stGators: To end our very busy and very fun day, we Mystery Skyped with @mscassidysclass in Canada! @SkypeClassroom…
@FourthL Hi there! Did you know that you can find lots of classes to #mysteryskype with at
RT @MrsParkerThird: Skyping with Lee Richardson Zoo to learn about the Grasslands @SkypeClassroom @LSAelementary
@Neidlingerla Hi there! Have you considered turning this great idea into a lesson at
Whose class would like to take a virtual trip to #Sydney? Mr Hogan's class would love to welcome your #students!
@Microsoft is our new partner! Let your students be inspired by their tech experts for #HourOfCode and beyond: #STEM
Explore the world through the eyes of a robot! Your students can take part in this extraordinary lesson here: #STEM
Mrs Thompson's students think that #math rocks! Join the fun and help your class to become math superstars: #6thchat
These #SpecialEducation students are looking for some new #penpals! You class can join the fun here: #edtech
@techytweecher Haha! Fantastic, Mande! We can't wait to see it up and running- this sounds like a great lesson in the making :)
@citimouse14 Wow! Amazing work! We can't wait to see you smash that 50 state target :)
RT @MrsMorgado1: @HBWigglebottom @SkypeClassroom Listening to an ebook via skype!
RT @MacInnes3: @artctrish @SkypeClassroom @MrsParkerThird That would be great! My email address is Lets set some…
@khurckes Hi there, Kate! We have lion experts to primate experts! You can find all of our guest speakers at: :)
@techytweecher Hi Mande! Have you considered turning this great idea into a lesson for other teachers to find at
Discover and unlock the power of books in your classroom! Join @KarenColvin7326's students here: #4thchat #engchat
RT @ArinKress: Learn the power of @SkypeClassroom Read @lkegode's blog & watch the vid Join us tonight @ 6pm ET to c…
RT @ArinKress: Heard about @SkypeClassroom but not sure how it fits with your curriculum? Join us tonight at 6pm ET for a #skype2learn chat…
@whatkatedoes's class would love to learn about the #beliefs and #religions in your classroom! #RETeacher
@btrujillomath Hi Brooke! Did you know that you can search for lots of math-related lessons at:

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Skype have launched a directory to help teachers enrich their lessons using Skype (currently in beta) - all teachers welcomed. Follow our stream for updates!

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