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@tomadamschch @JenSwanBooks @BridgePreston What a fantastic experience. We hope your class enjoyed it! #skype2learn
@vermontkkids123 @NEAToday Congratulations! There's nothing like Dr. Seuss and hearing his stories!
@technojohnson We hope your class enjoyed the experience! #skype2learn
@litworldsays @paula_segovia_ @toddparr We're excited to hear all about it! #skype2learn
@ktlewis14 @nightzookeeper Thanks so much for taking part in this exciting lesson! #skype2learn
@JCPhillipps Thanks so much for taking part in this important initiative and inspiring kids to love reading! #skype2learn
@2ndHorning So glad your class enjoyed their experience! #skype2learn
@NicholsonHRT @hrthallett @hrtpool Your class looks truly inspired! Thanks for participating! #skype2learn
@mselisacoto @ElisabethDahl We are so glad your class enjoyed the lesson!
@vickytg123 @litworldsays @sanpatriciodp What a terrific experience! Thanks for taking part in this important initiative. #WRAD15
@MissKingsley85 We are so glad your class enjoyed it!
RT @abrassier: My career just peaked @SkypeClassroom @HiOpie_TV
On 3/18 at 4pm PT, your class could join us at #TED2015 & speak with a book jacket designer! Sign up now:
RT @Beth_Heidemann: #skype2learn #WRAD #WRAD15 @MatildaMusical this is so cool!
Learning about oceans? If your class is available on 3/17 at 12:45pm PT, you could join us at #TED2015! Sign up:
Get your spaceship ready for today’s #bigqchallenge! If there were life on Mars, what would it look like?
Tomorrow is @litworldsays #WRAD! Book an author to help your class celebrate the day. #skype2learn
RT @Skype: You can read books here or there, you can read them anywhere! #DrSeuss #ReadAcrossAmerica…
Oh, the places you’ll go when you read! Happy birthday, #DrSeuss! Which of his books will your class read together? #readacrossamerica
Give your class a backstage pass to @MatildaBroadway! Sign up now to talk w/ cast members at 1pm ET tomorrow: #wrad

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Skype have launched a directory to help teachers enrich their lessons using Skype (currently in beta) - all teachers welcomed. Follow our stream for updates!

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