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@jenreiter We can't wait to hear about it!
@SkypeAmy @mrnamvas @authorwadedavis Thank you for sharing! We absolutely love this photo!
Happy 4th of July! Give your students the freedom to travel the world through Mystery Skype.
Happy #FourthOfJuly! Starting to plan lessons on the American Revolution for next year? Consider this one:
How do people choose what to wear? Behavioral scientist @mattwallaert wants to hear from students! #bigqchallenge
Keep hearing about Mystery Skype but don't know how to get started? Watch this video and see what's in store!
Happy #CanadaDay! Let's celebrate our Canadian friends who help us spread the message of global learning!
Show your students how they can help stop hunger by recycling! Schedule an impactful lesson from @FeedtheChildren:
RT @ChadNWright: Using @twitter during @SkypeClassroom expands the lesson beyond the walls of the classroom to continue convo. #ISTE2015 @M…
RT @diannekrause: Don't miss the amazing @SkypeClassroom team at #iste2015. Stop by the Microsoft booth. #nccechat #mieexpert15…
RT @CarlC_RGS: Minecraftedu engages teachers as much as students @RGS_EdTech booth #EdTech #ISTE2015 @Microsoft_EDU @microsoftedu http://t.…
Want to help keep your students safe? Check out this informative & fun lesson on Internet safety:
RT @BevLadd: Erin from #ISTE2015 says @SkypeClassroom is important because it builds collaboration and 21st century skills! #skype2learn
RT @GtanakaTanaka: .@Scotteach @ArinKress @iro_st @gruffcorn13 Thank you for sharing about @SkypeClassroom We got to play a game & learned …
@sstorm01 They are our most enthusiastic users! Many are also Skype Guides, so they help other teachers get started:
RT @schoolincloud: Fancy getting your class talking to a behavioural scientist via @SkypeClassroom? Would be a fascinating conversation! ht…
RT @Scotteach: Shhhh - Sneak Preview for #skype2learn - Text "SkypeISTE" to 41411 or "mysteryskype" to 41411 for some insider content!
RT @DarcyGrimesNC: It's easy talking to Ts about @SkypeClassroom when it is such an amazing tool! Can't imagine teaching without it! #iste2…
RT @TammyDunbar: At #ISTE2015 - can't wait to travel the world with my students! @skypeclassroom #msftedu
@iro_st Great choice! Students love meeting South African penguins through lessons with our partner, @SANCCOB! #skype2learn #ISTE2015

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Skype have launched a directory to help teachers enrich their lessons using Skype (currently in beta) - all teachers welcomed. Follow our stream for updates!

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