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@World_Explorers have an amazing new lesson! Connect your #students to the world's last great frozen wilderness:
@skerimofski Hi Sinan! This sounds wonderful! Please keep us updated on the event- we’d love to know how your presentation goes :)
@ksc1000 Hi Kristen! Have you both considered turning this great idea into a lesson for other teachers to find at
@jhylemon Thank you for sharing our resources with other teachers, Jennifer!
How can your #students transform their old shirts into bags? Our guest speaker @1to1Movement can show them!
@LLClement's class need your #students' help to tackle the world's problems! Join this great project here: #8thchat
RT @iPadEFLTeacher: My Ss were pretty excited to show the @nightzookeeper their creations! @skypeclassroom
@rllopis_CU Hi there, Reyes! Thanks for reaching out! If you send an email to we’ll be happy to advise you further :)
@Edtechmorah Hi there, Rebecca! If you send an email to we will be happy to advise you further :) Thanks!
@StarTalkQueens @STARTALK_NFLC Wonderful! Your students will be language experts by the end of the summer! Please keep up the great work :)
@wdpiper @RafranzDavis Thank you, both! We are so lucky to have some many wonderful teachers working together :)
@EdieCrook We love it when students can share their passion for learning directly! This sounds like a great Skype call :)
RT @Sharks4Kids: Just did some stats and we have spoken to 7,730 students in 20 countries around the via in just 8 months via @SkypeClassro…
@BevLadd Oh no! We are sorry to hear that, Beverly. We are sure there will be more wonderful weather lessons to come :)
@KatWhynot Wonderful! Please let us know how it goes :)
@LLCLEMENT Hi Laurie! Thank you for sharing this wonderful lesson! We’ll be promoting this to our teaching community later today :)
@Michele_EasyBib Hi there, Michele! Did you know that you can also find all of our free authors and experts at
Whose UK #students want to visit #Australia? Mrs Fait's class would love for you to pay them a virtual visit! #year3
What's the #weather like where you are? Miss Hunter's Australian class want to share theirs with your #students!
@KatWhynot Great, Kathy! If you haven’t seen it already, our teacher toolkit has tips about creating lessons etc: :)

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