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I suppose you have to have blind faith to use the Pope's website. > The Pope fails at usability. Partially upside down menu links? What were they thinking?
Design over usability: > Menu looks like they should all drop down.
RT @benmcfc: On this day in 1919, one of the world's greatest ever philanthropists died. Have a drink today, to Andrew Carnegie.
@Fidgetwith Cheers for the #FF
@Fidgetwith ... to a family member in the hopes it may persuade them to read the book.
@Fidgetwith I've heard a lot of success stories about that book. Really glad it worked for you, I'm going to pass on your article... (cont.)
@DuncanBannatyne You're behind Petre Andre? That's got to be difficult to take.
Why @SkyBet is the odds on favourite of betting sites |
Oh dear. Watching 'Are You Smarter Than a Ten Year Old' for some reason. Daft woman on it has just shown up the whole of Manchester.
@joneliel & probably gained you a different class of follower!
RT @benmcfc: It really is ironic that Moat is under siege.
Your site has to talk about the things you want people to be able to find you for.
People actually think (or are told by poor SEO agencies) that they can rank for any keywords they care to place in their meta tags.
You can't rank for a keyword on the search engines if you don't talk about said keyword in your copy.
Local pub has a decent website, not sure why they have "beer" & "inn" in their keywords though as they don't mention either in the content.
@Fidgetwith Thanks muchly!
Launched and now off for a spot of lunch & #F1
@chrisspyrou Never saw that one coming...
RT @benmcfc: Natwest's online banking login isn't great - they need to define the size of their cross promotion banner to stop the login ...

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