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Hello world!
Researcher studies impact of text messaging on language. (Thinks ROTFL, shouldn't appear in your thesis LOL)
Off-the-grid? Never fear. Mobile phones can now be used for Ultrasound scan in Rwanda. (using the MobiUS™SP1 system)
Chinese made cell phone explodes In man's shirt pocket. ( worked for over a year?! get rich scheme....)
Zynga's 'Draw Something' is 'fastest growing' mobile game ever! (check it out)
SMS project to help combat the rise in human trafficking cases human trafficking in West Africa.
Before you take that shot. Mobile Technology helps explore nicotine addiction.
On your last bar? Your phone'll auto-magically charge in your pocket thanx to this new fabric.
Welcome back from the holidays.
Is privacy a issue? "Text-To-Tell" offers unlimited SMS in exchange for your data (unlimited txts 4 data mining)
Have U done a mobile backup lately?
BlueStacks brings Android apps to Windows 8′s Metro interface. (Best f both worlds)
Nielsen study shows that Android is still top dog, but Q4 buyers preferred iPhone 4S.
On call beyond 9-5? Email off the clock constitutes overtime in Brazil :) (where's that passport?...)
Google Sky Map boldly explores open source galaxy (donated to the Open Source community, as Google sheds the 'fat')
Samsung would be crazy to buy RIM (let the denial begin and stoke the fire higher)
Samsung's Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab get security nod, certified for government agencies and all other enterprises .
Hands-on with the OLPC (One Laptop per Child) XO 3.0 tablet (includes video)
The magical (and sometimes ridiculous) gadgets of tomorrow. (will tech still matter?)
The coolest technology and notable moments from CES 2012 (includes slideshow)

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