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@quicunquevult Fingers crossed! I already loved audiobooks, but Glitterland got me hooked on @EmCeeHammock
@quicunquevult Well. I only bought the first, but yeah.
@catherinedair I always figured cake the perfect breakfast food, though.
@quicunquevult Everyone said the good things already, but might I just say your hair looks amazing!
Hi @IrenePreston Please add me to the halltino list! I don't tweet much, but I'm here and there :) Thank you!
Holiday Earrings with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, rhodolite garnet and grossular garnet. http://t.co/UplZeOTdBh
From earler this year. Czech glass and Sterling silver. http://t.co/adkERaZHJP
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/pq3PlDpEVn
@kj_charles Oh, that sucks. I hope you don't have to wait long. And getting the book from Torquere worked like a charm, thanks again!
@kj_charles Thank you! I will check! What is ARe? And it is weird, I know I saw it still there just a few days ago.
@kj_charles For some reason, The Caldwell Ghost is "under review" on amazon, do you know why? Is there anyplace else I could buy it? Cheers!
@kj_charles Read The Magpie Lord yesterday and have since also read Tattoos and Possession - brilliant stuff, thank you!
.@RT_Erdogan Turkish authorities must allow the right to peaceful protest of the demonstrators @aforgutu #direngezipark─▒ #occupygezi
New photos: IMG_6790: SilverknutenLotta posted a photo: http://t.co/WozvIKaJ
New photos: IMG_6785: SilverknutenLotta posted a photo: http://t.co/j2nEF0O1
Ny bloggpost: Fics I'm reading at the moment: Completed fics I'm reading at the moment:Shelter by Moirae - I'm j... http://t.co/7of6NS9a
Ny bloggpost: Fics I read: Ok, I should keep track of the fics I read. Too many that just flow though. I think I... http://t.co/zT67KBgd
I love Dropbox because it gives me access to files and fics I save anywhere! http://t.co/nSCPIEHT
New in the shop: Tutorial - Woven Wire Hoop Earrings - Step by Step - Intermediate by Silverknuten: $4.55 USDThi... http://t.co/R0pwhxNv
@LawsonWrites That works! I'll follow your reviews for now, and your blog for more info. Thank you!

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