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RT @sierraclub: Awesome vegan menu options for your holiday dinner: (via @Sierra_Magazine)
RT @avitalb: Earth's eight weirdest lakes:
Hey Mr. Green, Which toilet tissue is most environmentally friendly? Hint: Not those from Koch-owned Georgia Pacific.
RT @sierraclub: Awesome: "DNA tests confirm first wolf in over 70 years living near Grand Canyon's North Rim"
In the future, will pavement solve all our problems?
RT @avitalb: Are dogs harder on the environment than Hummers?
RT @avitalb: "The media is obsessed with sex but when you lay it down and say, 'Let’s talk about sex,' everyone runs a mile."…
RT @avitalb: You can't get THAT much BPA from receipts, can you? (Can you?) via @paulrauber
RT @paulrauber: Via @PaulRogersSJMN: Scientists may have ID'ed virus behind starfish die-off Sierra's story: http:/…
RT @ChelseaLeu: I had a totally serious conversation about animal sex with @juleslhoward for @Sierra_Magazine:
RT @sierraclub: The science of awe: Can psychologists chart what happens when nature blows your mind? (via @Sierra_M…
Is your next meal growing in your backyard or local park? Click through to see the 5 best foods to forage:
RT @avitalb: Five foods that are ruining the planet:
@harryaslam Good question. The study specifies "thermal receipt paper," which is common. Some manufacturers do make BPA- & BPS-free paper.
Mr. Green, Is it true that dogs require more fossil fuel than a Hummer?
Just say no to that receipt: Handling receipts before using hand sanitizer or eating food increases exposure to BPA.
Mangroves score another win in the save-the-world department by providing a refuge for over 30 coral species.
The holidays are approaching... have you planned your menu? These vegan recipes should get you started:
RT @paulrauber: Sierra is ON IT MT @mattyglesias: Building a bike path out of solar panels not a great idea: http:/…
Congratulations to Jeff Wagner, the winner of @sierraclub's National Wilderness Essay Contest!

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