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“There can be a perception out there that storm chasers are wanting the destruction, but that’s not true at all.”
As late as the 1980s foresters still regarded old-growth Douglas fir forests as ‘decadent.'
You’re unlikely to read this book cover to cover, but it will change how you see California.
"Cultivated Dolphins, Educated Whales" is a song that Cole Porter never wrote, but should have.
How one veteran and amputee learned to climb again.
How could a little thing like counting panthers become controversial? We got the story:
Inspired by the initial successes of Finnish troops on skis, they envisioned a similar division of U.S. troops.
“We have a responsibility to send the forest back to what it wants to be.”
“I’ve just learned how to relate to bats and treat them well,” says the Richard Avedon of bat photography.
“Why were Dot Klish Canyon and the rest of Black Mesa and the people who live there chosen for sacrifice?”
These ancient mariners can reach 800 pounds, but they’re hard to track in the ocean because they rarely take bait.
If Earth is now a garden to be tended to, then the garden metaphor has reached the limits of its usefulness.
A child who meets a wolf will forever be a champion for the species.
Threatening to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords only makes them stronger.
RT @paulrauber: You think you know a lot about California? You don't know the half of it. But you could find out: h…
Environmental News ICYMI: American alligators are now shark-eaters.
Douglas fir forests only grow in the Pacific Northwest. Do they deserve their own monument?
RT @eilperin: EPA's decision to cancel the presentations of 3 researchers in RI sparks protest from academics W/ @b…
"Clean water is a basic human right. Without it we are nothing."
Ryan Zinke requires Interior employees to hoist a special flag to signal when he is in the D.C. headquarters.

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