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RT @PositiveNewsUK: Has our happiness has been stolen by advertisers, celebrities and the media? #happiness #positiv…
I think Menno Braakman (JustBuzzit) is the best runner up brilliant SM #mtoty_menno via #mtoty
Creative Valley,work environment as ecosystem
Pete Hulme keeps a great blog on Cultural Creat's:
Check out: The Decade’s Most Significant 10 Cultural Trends
The demographic profile and attitudinal characteristics of the CC's create valuable opportunities, particularly for MVO/LOHAS /Not profit.
The Cultural Creatives (CC) are a large and fast growing group of involved world citizens (est. 50m in the US, 80m in Europe & 2m in NL).
After a couple of months we are back - Sideways News wil proceed as a 'hot spot' -for and by- the Cultural Creatives, leaders in change...
#cancer patient Nikki Phelps wins an appeal against NHS for life-prolonging drug
brain therapy could improve quality of life for parkinson's disease sufferers #healthnews
Today is a good day to be an East Ender. East London rail line opens: #tfl @mayoroflondon
South Korean anger towards the North, as nation pays tribute to 40 dead and 6 missing sailors. #southkorea
Introduce government carbon enforcer, says former Environment Minister John Gummer: #carbonemissions
Green your home, with Kevin's Green Heroes - from thermal window blinds to car tyre carpets. #sustainableliving
Bright future ahead for engineering graduates, as Dyson doubles number of employees. #graduates #jobs
Record number of participants in 30th annual London Marathon, the world's greatest annual fundraising event. #marathon
Sea lion pup gets lost - on roof top! Uplifting little story.
UK reaches landmark energy milestone with offshore wind farms. #renewableenergy
Climate change, an opportunity? 1 billion celebrated #earthday2010 in hope for healthy, clean-energy economy:
Groundbreaking hunger fund unveiled:

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