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Tis the Season… Remote Start in a 2012 Volkswagen Passat:
Tinted Head and Tail Lights and Exterior Accessories:
Keep Your Buns Toasty This Winter:
Back That Thing Up… Safely:
Custom Hidden Installs – Bluetooth and Satellite:
check out these tinted tail lights and red tinted sonata:
Sirius, Radios, Wood Trim and More Updates:
New Video and Updates:
Speeding in Style:
Mercedes Benz Remote Start Now Available!:
All of the Lights, Ford F250:
Site Fix:
@Jrrath This installation requires Directed Electronics remote start, bypass ... (YouTube
Don’t Get Pulled Over for Window Tint:
New Photos Uploaded:
@MotoMobile dumb question because its out of context. environment? business/personal phone? time of day? expecting a call from unknown #?
Come into Shore Cellular and ask about our Remote Starters, it's still very cold and you'll be thankful you did.
@visitken yea, but for how long? how am i supposed to pinch it between my ear and shoulder to talk on it when it's that thin anyway?
This Snow Is Kicking Our Butts…:

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