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@MartynBrett - Hi Martyn - did you add both blogs via your PC/MAC? Note: Picasa, Blogger and Faces must be added from your computer
Hi Martyn - please open a ticket by emailing and include the email address that you registered with and the phone model
@quantumparticle This is a known bug with Facebook. Apparently, your photo albums will reappear at some point.
@hlsbs Hi, we have just upgraded our twitter sign up. Please can you log in to your account online, delete the twitter site and re add it?
We've just switched our Twitter destinations to use OAuth, please go to and re-add Twitter. - #ovidevsldn lunch and drinks - #ovidevsldn lunch and drinks
all fixed now, thanks for you patience!
Having some DNS issues, will let you all know when they're resolved!
We're hiring! We're looking for a new Senior Client Developer - check out for more information.
Service backup thanks for being patient
Hi all, there will be maintenance down time on the ShoZu service tomorrow April 28th, 07:00 for up to four hours. Please bear with us!
Facebook integration should be up and running again. Please let us know if you have any problems
We are having some issues with Facebook integration, looks like they have changed something. We are working on it now.
@jonjoyceuk We are actively working on an Android port, no release date as yet. Stay tuned
@rino_permana sure is, just goto and select "supported phones"
Know any Android/J2ME develepers in London ? ShoZu is hiring.
@bushontheradio everything seems fine from this end. Could you dm us your user name
@bushontheradio no your don't need @, try adding it on the portal instead adding twitter will be more immediate
@bensmithuk we are working on it now, should be ready in next few weeks.

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