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RT @TerryBranstad: The grand kids of the Governor & First Lady joined them at Terrace Hill for an Easter egg hunt! #iagov #ialegis http://t…
RT @agileschools: @edguy199 @lizdavis2 @ShiftParadigm @mmebrady US schools suffer from cramming everything. T's rarely have slack time. Nee…
RT @johnson237: The Debbie Johnson Daily is out! Stories via @dgende @ShiftParadigm @tee62
Thanks --> @DelaneyKirk for RT and #follow
“It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” ― Marlene Dietrich
“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my fr…
RT @lizdavis2: @ShiftParadigm @edguy199 @mmebrady all this could be helped w regular T time to Co plan, Coteach and Co reflect
Many thanks... @lizdavis2 @edguy199 @mmebrady
--> Practice What you Tweet --- @lizdavis2 @mmebrady @edguy199 @twhitford @RusulAlrubail
RT @edguy199: @ShiftParadigm @lizdavis2 @mmebrady Is my point! Common agreed understanding of engagement and assessment SB Priority PD focu…
RT @lizdavis2: Yes. .One thing I love about instructional rounds approach is building common understanding @edguy199 @ShiftParadigm @mmebra…
Without common, agreed upon understanding of engagement (or anything) collaboration nearly impossible @edguy199 @lizdavis2 @mmebrady
However, much easier to build rather than replace something... @edguy199 @lizdavis2 @mmebrady @RusulAlrubail
No apologies necessary. Optimism is key--must think it, believe it, to do it... @lizdavis2 @edguy199 @mmebrady @RusulAlrubail
@lizdavis2 --> read about work of Thomas S. Kuhn...coined phrase paradigm shift...
RT @lizdavis2: @mmebrady @ShiftParadigm @edguy199 Love it! @twhitford ~new tshirt slogan Practice what you tweet!
GADZOOKS. Read one study that defined engaged student as student not having head on desk... @edguy199 @lizdavis2 @mmebrady
Another 10 minutes and @mmebrady @lizdavis2 @edguy199 @cbartow will have all education problems solved...
Ooooh, I like that @mmebrady --> PRACTICE WHAT WE TWEET.
RT @lizdavis2: @mmebrady @ShiftParadigm @edguy199 yes..and Ts need time to look at it deconstruct it together.we do that w our standard pro…

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