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RT @HLCEnglishSquad: You beautiful beautiful people x
RT @MissEand6BM: Check out Jen's super sequel to 'Winter's Child' by Angela McAllister: @literacylender
RT @MissEand6BM: Check out Ollie's emotive diary entry: @literacylender
RT @s_m077: STEM summer school boosts kids’ interest in science, technology (via @torontostar) #STEM
RT @CanadaGrant: S -solve T -together E -engage A -active M -make @s_m077 @tdsb_stem #stem #steam @raycmercer @GILBERTSJ @TeacherHann @all…
yet another example of PLN POWER -> @s_m077 @dlfyngyrl76 @Cheeryeducentre @pernilleripp @BevLadd #globalED
RT @s_m077: @dlfyngyrl76 @ShiftParadigm @Cheeryeducentre sign up for @pernilleripp global read aloud or @BevLadd mat…
RT @MRsalakas: Big mathematics chat tonight - two wonderful hosts @grahamandre @misterwootube #aussieED
RT @MRsalakas: Respond: "To teach effectively... one must personally feel it to be important" -George Polya #aussieED Mathematics http://t…
An important voice -> @Chasey29A #follow
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR #follow them -> @MRsalakas @HostBrian @dlfyngyrl76 @leonie_hastings @yeates_mark @madgiemgEDU @misterwootube #edchat
RT @MRsalakas: @ShiftParadigm @HostBrian @leonie_hastings @yeates_mark @madgiemgEDU - Big thanks to @misterwootube for the George Polya quo…
RT @jen___williams: @ShiftParadigm @dlfyngyrl76 Thanks Mark! Gina, I would love to help! Can you send me a DM? #globaled
RT @bbray27: My best RTs this week came from: @kevinhoneycutt @ShiftParadigm @wfryer @plearnchat #thankSAll Who were yours?…
Hopefully, An upward spiral... @Orozcoml @MichaelJDunlea @riggser @NNSTOY
RT @teresagross625: @ShiftParadigm @burgessdave Absolutely! That's how much people enjoy the chat. They come anyway!
Thanks, typical summer -> @MichaelJDunlea @riggser @NNSTOY
Indeed...good time to think, plan, refine, learn, sleep... @stuartkellynz @riggser
RT @WPJohnWagner: Sanders draws more than 2,500 to Iowa stop -- tops for this presidential cycle so far
@dlfyngyrl76 talk with @jen___williams re gobbled

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