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@WalterinDC ---14 to 1 babeeee
RT @RonCanuel: @ShiftParadigm Hi Mark. After more consideration, when common sense is defined as innovation in Ed, "Houston we have a probl…
RT @RonCanuel: @OntarioTeacher3 @ShiftParadigm The key is changing practice in smaller class sizes. #edchat
RT @mrbalcom: @ShiftParadigm I agree! We have to meet the parents where they are. #4thchat
RT @WalterinDC: @ShiftParadigm they are rock in the Rodgers!
RT @ICTPHMS: The ICTPHMS Daily is out! Stories via @keloland @ShiftParadigm
Rolling Red Sox --/ @WalterinDC
RT @plnaugle: A3 I believe Facebook could be a great tool to increase communication with Ps because most are already using it. #4thchat
RT @jguarr: A1: Got my band students excited about singing! Trick is doing that with new choir Ss next year #musedchat
RT @KatrinaStevens1: RT Q2: What barriers discourage under-represented groups from learning to code? #edtechchat
Go #BoSox --> @WalterinDC
RT @RedSox: In the 4th, we lead the Blue Jays 6-1. #RedSox
RT @cybraryman1: Instead of a newpaper have students do their own news show & put link on site for parents to view #…
RT @RusulAlrubail: The New Yorker Is Temporarily Making All Of Its Archives Free #amreading
RT @sjwizz: Metacognition thinking stems... #edchat #ukedchat #education
RT @OntarioTeacher3: So class size does matter after all. Who would have guessed? Next time, listen to teachers. #etfo #osstf #oecta #bctf …
RT @LeadershipBEST: Thanks for the RTs this week! @P2PEngagement @gillian_findlay @ShiftParadigm @HBRogue1 @Lisa03755 via…
RT @RonCanuel: @ShiftParadigm Yup. I am getting plenty of messages indicating disappointment in OECD report.
Indeed, Houston we have a problem. ---@RonCanuel

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