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It's the most scenic path --> @edchatirl
RT @drdouggreen: DrDoug's NetNuggets #edchat #cpchat @brainpickings @digg @lynch39083 @HuffPostEdu @ShiftParadigm @kcduckworth…
RT @SoSueSays: “@ShiftParadigm: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower." Steve Jobs #edchatnz #asiaED…
RT @btcostello05: @tritonkory @JayhawkTN @keelybshannon I just argue that I am not wrong. its a subtle but significant distinction
Thanks for the teaching. Powerful insight --> @whosanktheboat @mythsysizer
Drive it like you stole it --> @mythsysizer
Focuses on the right things --> @whosanktheboat
RT @mssackstein: 3 Act Math Task: Flaps! via @MathletePearce
RT @Quirkles: Fun Thanksgiving craft project. #turkey #thanksgiving #art #fun
No time to worrry --> @mythsysizer #aussieED
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs
So what'll it be for you -- leader or follower? -> @mrkempnz
Should U.S. Make Standardized Tests Harder? by @mzinshteyn #edchat #whatisschool @mssackstein @coolcatteacher
How to Land an Airplane, If You're Blind
RT @Innov8rEduc8r: An Important Read - “@Storybird: Timely. “Your job is to be aware of your privilege." http://t.c…
RT @Innov8rEduc8r: “Grateful for podcasts, @LifeIs262 & @Innov8rEduc8r ( are both great ways to start the day.” @dee…
RT @kcduckworth: “@ShiftParadigm: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower." Steve Jobs #edchatnz #asiaED…
Hey Maggie, what's happening? @madgiemgEDU

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