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RT @MiniMatisse: @ShiftParadigm Thanks for the connection Mark. Have a good morning.
Thanks Omah... @Catalystsci
Thanks Joan ... @wilsoje3rd Head up, eyes open...onward!
RT @wilsoje3rd: A blog post that iswWell worth reading-- Keep Looking Up - That’s The Secret of Life via @ShiftPara…
Hey @AnnaSophieHube1 good edPeeps to #follow -> @Artguy76 @mmorriswrite @itsmeSpiri @GeoSpiegs @Gelatiscoop @MiniMatisse @Mr_B_Teacher
A great teacher -> @avivaloca
ASK YOURSELF -> Is Adversity My Friend or Foe? Then read -> #sunchat #edchat
#1466 Like as the waves make towards the pebbl'd shore, so do our minutes, hasten to their end. #sunchat
Hey @teresagross625 their schools are IB MYP -> @garethcgjones @MrJonesIA @MmeCinader @jdmerrill @loulou1604 @hentieTom @MHockaday #growPLN
ok... @teresagross625 one moment please...
An I appreciate you -> @teresagross625 #friends
#1465 Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers... — Georges Bernanos #sunchat
Hey @prlowe91 @nfordteacher @Artguy76 @libraryreeder @Jennifer_burdis do you know each other? #growPLN
RT @RunnerGirl13_1: @ShiftParadigm @nfordteacher @prlowe91 @DebbyCall6 @deem_ellen @Artguy76 @JenWilliamsEdu We have now. Passionate about…
RT @DearTeacherLT: @ShiftParadigm @Edudemic It's a great post! I had a similar moment while walking the beach the other day...but it was ab…
#1469 Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. — Og Mandino #sunchat
Amazing what we can learn... @DearTeacherLT @Edudemic if we get out of the way ...
RT @beyondtech1: @nobleknits2 @ShiftParadigm @stepanpruch Friends, cookies, warm hearts. What more could one want in the world?
They bring passion to learning/teaching -> @RunnerGirl13_1 @nfordteacher @prlowe91 @DebbyCall6 @deem_ellen @Artguy76 @JenWilliamsEdu
Indeed... @prlowe91 and all because I banged my head... ouch! Lesson learned (i hope)

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