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RT @TeachMissSutton: @ProgresivTeachr That is such a fantastic idea!
RT @TeachMissSutton: @nightzookeeper @BuzzBurman @wcwm15 what about the robotic penguin!
RT @allisunrae: Justin Jackson, you are so clutch. #goheels #NCAATournament #MarchMadness
RT @RosaIsiah: Join #atplc chat in 5 minutes! Let's talk about Emotional Intelligence #WeLeadEd #edchat
RT @amandacdykes: I love the face Kat drew on her leprechaun.
RT @HendershotDavid: @ShiftParadigm thanks for asking. We are diving hard and revamping weekly. This week we build a web site from scratch …
RT @CherylMFisher: @ShiftParadigm 🌻 Good evening my southern friend. Always makes my day to see you.
RT @cvarsalona: @ShiftParadigm #whatisschool Family Tech Camp facilitated by @blancaedu=>successful #digitalstoryte…
thanks... @HendershotDavid #whatisschool
RT @WHSRowe: Hope to be His Blessing! RT @PhysEdPhil: @WHSRowe @dropstepdunk @jaysonnave @Honeycoriander Sounds like a great topic! #Christ…
RT @WHSRowe: Just in from a Student: "Mr Rowe, I believe that our class isn't yet ready for a Proficiency Ticket on Probability in our next…
Jump in... @dubioseducator #whatisschool
RT @dubioseducator: Last few minutes if #whatisschool I see. Interesting convo on tech integration
RT @dubioseducator: “@ShiftParadigm: #484 The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Socrates #whatisschool…
Good evening Cheryl... @CherylMFisher
well said and heartfelt -> @ThomsonAUS @SarahJaneFrank @mrkempnz's it working for you? @HendershotDavid #whatisschool
RT @hattals: #whatisschool A5, if done right, no “buy-in” necessary…students will take the reins and run with it!
hey @madgiemgEDU you ready to swim with the whales today?
#484 The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Socrates #whatisschool

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