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RT @Dwight_Carter: The Demand for Education Leaders is Growing #ohedchat @bradbarboza
Thanks, will check out --> @s_bearden @TweechmeApp #satchatoc
Indeed, project is the learning ---> @sandyrotto @GeoMouldey @CmunroOz #satchatoc
Bingo, a winner here --> @airprincipal121 #SatchatOC
Ok, thanks --> @johnqgoh #satchatoc
Thanks --> @HayleySimpson89 #satchatoc
Sounds like a winner --> @dhatravada #satchatoc
Interesting --> @grahamandre @jasongraham99 #satchatoc
Question: Is the making of technology an option? @stringer_andrea @dhatravada @jasongraham99 #satchatoc
Thanks --> @Amanda9ajb #satchatoc
RT @mythsysizer: MT "@ShiftParadigm: Sometimes the bad stuff is good for you." fountain of knowledge as always Mark!
Indeed, learning lots --> @grahamandre #satchatoc
Trying to get my head around maker -- @HayleySimpson89 @grahamandre #satchatoc
Interesting way to frame activities. @GeoMouldey #satchatoc
Interesting question --> @Teacher_Jill #satchatoc
Insightful --> @CmunroOz @GeoMouldey #satchatoc
Might maker be a distinct instructional genre as is problem-based learning and cooperative learning? @grahamandre #satchatoc
Indeed, that works --> @dhatravada #satchatoc

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