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RT @chrisgrizzlylee: @ShiftParadigm @mrkempnz @HostBrian @MRsalakas @madgiemgEDU I am a secondary maths teacher. Any recommendations on who…
RT @cvarsalona: #nyedchat tomorrow night w/ guest moderator @JoEllenMcCarthy #365DW @RJPalacio @ShiftParadigm #sol15 #tcrwp #aledchat http:…
@CherylMFisher -- I'll be checking in w you.
RT @CherylMFisher: “@ShiftParadigm: @CherylMFisher ... are you ready for the snow storm that's coming your way?” 😘out of my control.🙏 we'll…
RT @rosy_burke: @TyrnaD @ThatMathLady @ashleyhhurley @mr_isaacs @deem_ellen @LisGurthie @miamayer @ShiftParadigm Me too!
RT @iMerinet: Just what I needed thx “@nancyrubin: Twitter Advanced Search: The Ultimate Guide via @razorsocial”
RT @iMerinet: My best RTs this week came from: @adafruit @CPD4T @ShiftParadigm @clcsimon @SerenaTheBot #thankSAll via
RT @DavidBosso: A1: when everyone embraces a shared vision and when everyone is happy for each other's successes #nbtchat
Thanks for asking, not planning to go to TCEA --> @ThompsonDrake
keep hope alive... @Perapiteticus
The Learning Edge: What Technology Can Do to Educate All Children by Mark Weston and Alan Bain - #IAedchat #sunchat
@Perapiteticus ... fishing nirvana.
@CherylMFisher ... are you ready for the snow storm that's coming your way?
@Mwren13 check here: @ChristinaMLuce
oh my, that'd be a trip -> @jesslahey @Brian_seligman Tip: Avoid spelling errors
Hey Cheryl @CherylMFisher ... not to worry, even though we're friends we can still talk to each other
RT @ICTPHMS: Young Scholars | @scoopit #research #phdchat #edchat
Hope the fish were cooperative -> @Perapiteticus Did you use heavy flies?
RT @Bali_Maha: "one cannot care for a datapoint the way one cares for another person" by @adamheid #moocmooc #ccours…
RT @Bali_Maha: So fitting for week 2 even tho she wrote it before she read the prompt: MT @NomadWarMachine: Who cares?…

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