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standing firm for what matters most -> @tonnet
#327 Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw #satchat
RT @mccoyderek: If at first the idea is not absurd, then there will be no hope for it. Albert Einstein
Good folks to follow -> @M_Bostwick @Bamerriman @Gregbagby @paulemcneil @KeepEducating @rollins_dawn
@ShawnaCoppola @NA_Dellsey Google my name and the word engagement ... I take on this issue
Tiger? Why not eye of the elephant -> @miamayer #singLikeAnElephant
RT @casas_jimmy: @M_Bostwick @ChrisWeissCT @E_Sheninger @NMHS_lms @ShiftParadigm @RusulAlrubail @DennisDill @Jyoung1219 Thank you Michael. …
Her inner child is alive and well -> @natinga71
Forever young -> @GR6_ASU_HOWE
She wakes up the sun -> @RusulAlrubail
More invigorating than the polar bear plunge -> #satchat
At some point, all revolutionaries must reside with in the system they seek to change. They survive--> @NA_Dellsey
So true. Nor do we seek to flame out. Too many people depend on us. So survival tactics important -> @NA_Dellsey
A rock in the changing currents if education -> @tonnet
Students in her class don't want the school week to end -> @MissDenko
Achievement, standards...the new EXCELLENCE ---> @ShawnaCoppola @NA_Dellsey
Do what you must to survive. While you do be a positive force for Ss and Ts -> @NA_Dellsey
A calm island amidst a turbulent sea -> #satchat
A warm heart on a cold morning -> @MonikaBural
Need a spark! Meet here -> #satchat

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