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What's one of your favorite travel stories? #travel #adventure #storytelling
@AndyZitzmann @PattyFarmer @ajamyx @humanreturns @ExpertsExpert @AmberVilhauer @TimThePaige @valeriegroth Spreading the #MMS15 LOVE.
@slcornett We never let the potholes in life stop us - do we Stephanie? We just enjoy the journey and keep on keeping on!
There's still time to get in on the summit! If ya want to learn how to rock a retreat + make $ sign up here: @ajamyx
@ajamyx @PattyFarmer @AndyZitzmann @humanreturns @ExpertsExpert @AmberVilhauer @TimThePaige @valeriegroth Thank you everyone!!! xoxox
@ExpertsExpert @AndyZitzmann @ajamyx You're awesome Wendy!!!
@SherylAnneL @AndyZitzmann @ajamyx Thanks Sheryl! I guess the two of us will be in Paris then! So glad you were able to listen in + enjoy!
Don't let the potholes derail you!
Do't let your adventure be dependent upon someone else. Start now!
Have you been bitten by the travel bug? I get the itch to go somewhere new at least every few months!
A good reminder for those of us who pack our whole closets!
The Movement Marketing Summit is LIVE! A truly awesome business summit that's worth listening to! @AndyZitzmann
Sometimes the place is pretty good too ;)
Experiential retreats will transform both you and your clients! See how at #Retreats
Gamechanging Interviews with Social Media’s Elite Leaders to Get YOUR Business to The Next Level: Be there! #MMS15
RT @AndyZitzmann: #FF @mommamccall @mikeLmurphy @pattyfarmer @roprnl @sheri_rosenthal @TimThePaige @tonyaspivey @valeriegroth @ExpertsExper…
@VeganMamaBear Thank you so much Lisa - you are a dear! Big hugs to you for your big heart! xoxox

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