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@CindyAshton Can't miss Cindy's Speak-Impact-Monetize in LA Jan 30th. I'll be speaking on making $ using retreats!
@FuturegenLabs Pleasure! :)
@Cayleepugh Thanks Caylee! :)
@FuturegenLabs Gosh, thanks Jack I'm honored. And heck, English was never my best subject, can you forgive my apostrophes?
@nikolajam Hey Nikolaj! Would love to chat with you about your camps, maybe to do something together. I have a travel company too. Thoughts?
@FuturegenLabs Not sure why we should remove them when they belong there? Would you like to use the article someplace without them? :)
@Cayleepugh Love what you are doing! (From one travel person to another!)
Many of you know Rev. David Ault and his wonderful journey "Unconditional Love in Action" to Cambodia he's doing...
@Essence2Success And the best to you too Christine! This is the year that women entrepreneurs rock it and create amazing good in the world!
@Essence2Success You are so sweet Christine! Happy New Year angel! May this be a prosperous and healthy year...xo
@CindyAshton @sheri_rosenthal says: Rock 'n Roll will never die! I still listen to Classic Vinyl on Sirius FM. So funny.... Love you Cindy!
It was an amazing time in Bhutan - hardly any tourists and really great weather. I strongly recommend folks avoid...
One thing Chiang Mai is not short on is temples. This one on the mountain top it simply stunning!
@CindyAshton Back in the days of drugs, sex & rock n roll Cindy - anything could happen!
I love the way the people take care of the elephants in Thailand. They used to do very hard work and were often...
@KrisGilbertson Going to be in Thailand + Bhutan those dates but send some love to Vanessa for me! You gals are going to rock it!
RT @scmexhilarate: "Women should be doing what they're passionate about." - @Sheri_Rosenthal #lifeisshort #conquerchaos #workingwomen #wwocf
RT @DrPeiKang: "I learned to believe in myself again" - A Surgeon's Career Change Story #startup #work
RT @scmexhilarate: "You should do right-brained tasks when you first wake up since that's when you're most #creative." - @Sheri_Rosenthal #…
@GoforNo Great to get to meet you Andrea! Love being with AWESOME women!

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