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RT @intercom: 🆕 We launched a brand new product, Educate. It’s what a knowledge base should be. Personal and intelligent.…
RT @carlmaxim: David Davis wanted to leave Netflix but then secured a special deal where he pays them £7.49 a month in return for access to…
@willcritchlow I was going to suggest the journalist code of ethics, but I think there’s a lot of “real” papers that also don’t follow that
@willcritchlow I suppose it’s a fake newspaper in the sense that this might be the only edition of it, and not regularly printed
@willcritchlow Yeah, looks like this is a rule: (“must include the name and address of promoter”)
@willcritchlow @lordmanley Looks like it doesn’t disclose it was written by the lib dems, so you won’t know about the bias. Feels wrong.
@willcritchlow @lordmanley Even if the news is real, presenting it in that format is deceptive if it’s not a “real” newspaper.
@lordmanley @willcritchlow @jimwaterson He’s talking about this: (leaflets made to look like a newspaper?)
RT @SamJaneNoble: Haha - love this from @sistrix thanks guys! Everyone click to raise some pennies:
RT @garydpreston: How my team of 6 left the agency to build the SaaS tool @coveragebooks full time. Now used by over 1000+ PR teams - https…
@mattrhysdavies @danielmcoleman It’s taken me a while to reply because I’ve been utterly traumatised by your horrifying owl
RT @gralefrit: Post-truth Pat. Post-truth Pat. Post-truth Pat and his black-is-white cat.
RT @LEGO_Group: @StopFundingHate We have finished the agreement with The Daily Mail and are not planning any future promotional activity wi…
@chris_gilchrist Thanks - good shout
RT @Chris_Gilchrist: @SharkSEO ?
On a related note - anyone know of a good alternative?
If you use the Live HTTP Headers chrome extension, you should delete it - it’s now serving ad pop-ups:
It’s official: this is the darkest timeline.
RT @Law_and_policy: "We want UK judges deciding on UK legal matters!" - UK judges decide on UK legal matters. "ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!"
@SaraSoueidan @smashingmag client-side if you want search engines to index it

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