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RT @teletextpage152: At first the meerkats were against Compare The Market, but now they actively promote it. And we, the viewer, are suppo…
RT @DanMentos: his palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy there's
RT @TheOnion: Brexit is the process by which Great Britain will finalize its exit from the historical stage.
I love things like this: (from @rishil)
@LordManley @wonky_donky @gcharlton But there are also seven of them.
RT @MarkFlemingUK: Quite brilliant
@lordmanley I think he might be my hero.
RT @MaxTemkin: 👉 Cards Against Humanity purchased a Super Bowl ad, but it was not successful. Here's what we learned:…
RT @mrjamescarson: Have a vacancy as SEO Analyst at @Telegraph - please get in touch if you want to know pls rt
@rbates Congratulations!
RT @NinjaEconomics: I think we really missed an opportunity to catch all the baddies in one week.
RT @Dixon_Jones: Mission Complete! @Majestic is 1st British company to commercially manufacture a product in Space…
@patio11 That’s genuinely really interesting. I wonder how many pro gamblers do this.
@malcolmcoles that’s just a risk you take with every employee you hire
@malcolmcoles why not both?
RT @GovUncensored: RT to literally save a life, the deadline to sign up for health insurance valid the whole year regardless of Trump's act…
RT @dawnieando: MSc dissertation survey is live. Need 300+ #SEO to complete. Check inbox for email or follow link to complete -> https://…
@danbarker Experts hate her!
RT @intercom: 🆕 We launched a brand new product, Educate. It’s what a knowledge base should be. Personal and intelligent.…
RT @carlmaxim: David Davis wanted to leave Netflix but then secured a special deal where he pays them £7.49 a month in return for access to…

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