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Stop the insurance interests and health care corporations. Call or write your elected officials today.
The "Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017" will hurt injured patients and nursing home residents. It is a gift to the insurance industry.
Call or write your elected officials in Washington today. Vote NO on H.R. 1215. Preserve your rights to access the civil justice system.
Looking forward to a great 2017.
JP Morgan's Dimon getting $23 million for his efforts? Wow! How much would he have gotten if his bank actually made money?
Hard to believe this all took place with a democratic governor and democrats in control in Springfield.
Actually, it's not good for their physicians or attorneys either. They will earn less for their work. Insurance companies make out well.
The effective date for most of the provisions in the new Illinois workers' compensation law is Thursday. Not a good day for those injured!
Happy Bastille Day to all. 222 years ago, on this day in 1789, Parisians stormed the Bastille, starting the French Revolution.
Glad to see the Hawks get some cap room with Campbell's contract gone. He was a good player, but I think he can be replaced.
Another day, another insurance company to fight that does not want to play fair and/or pay on a legitimate injury claim. We keep fighting!
Happy Father's Day to all!
Well, well. Yet another ponzi scheme uncovered. This time in Minneapolis involving $150 million. When will dishonest stock brokers stop?
Vancouver fans were rioting in the streets of downtown Vancouver. I thought people from Canada were polite and reserved and well behaved.

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