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Hey fans! What's your favorite SATC moment?
See SATC shooting locations for as low as $37! #SexAndTheCity #tours
"I once was broken up with by a guy's doorman: ’I'm sorry Ms. Hobbes, Jonathan won't be coming down. Ever.'" –Miranda #SexAndTheCity #quote
@femeparadise @TMZ oh, terrible.
"Don’t give me a diamond; just give me a really big closet." - Carrie Bradshaw (Happy Valentine's Day!)
Anybody watch the Carrie Diaries' premiere?
RT @MrsCBradshaw: People with a good sense of humor have a better sense of life.
New chauffeured city tour of Sex & The City locations! #ttot #travel
'The Carrie Diaries' Season 1 Preview: Carrie Bradshaw Begins -
Anybody catch SJP on this November's cover of Elle Magazine? Pick up a copy!
Take a walking tour in #NewYork and enjoy Sex and the City landmarks before the summer ends!
Not a size zero, huh? Kim Cattrall tells all.
Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #new_york_ #moviestar #sexandthecity #tours
#MileyCyrus Dishes On 'Really Fun' 'Sex And The City' Cameo. #sexandthecity
New this Spring: Sex and the City walking tours of New York City. #newyork #sexandthecity #tourism
Any Sex and the City news or sightings in New York recently? #sexandthecity #newyork #celebrities

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I am a big fan of the Sex and the City series, and everything related. I tweet about New York Sex and the City Tours, sightseeings, news, and much more.

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