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8.00 USD

These small cell phone flowers will personalize you mobile phone making it truly yours. The charms can be hung from a camera, key ring, very narrow purse strap anywhere suitable for a 2 inch (5 cm) loop to pass through.
It is a perfect little something for a girlfriend, daughter or just your self.

The velvet flowers are double sided and stitched with a selection of sewing threads and metallic threads. The flower charm is beaded on both sides using more than likely vintage beads. The beading will vary slightly from flower to flower. The edges are sealed with acrylic metallic paint.

The flower measures approximately in diameter: 1 inch (2,5 cm). The listed price is for one charm.

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12.00 USD

These small (price) tags are really sweet and so decorative. I printed some thin paper with a lovely swirly patteren. The sheets of printed paper were then laminated and handpunched into small tags. A blue waxed linen thread is through a small hole attatched to each tag.
Each listing contains 25 tags.

The tags/labels can be used over and over if you so wish as sticky price tags easily can be removed due to the laminated surface.

15.00 USD

This double sided velvet flower shaped key ring is such a cheerful item. It is so much fun to make. It really makes me smile. Since the flower is double sided there is no front or back. Both sides are just as nice.
This tactile flower looks as lovely when hanging from a purse strap or back pack, as it does when clasped to any kind item, that you want to be able to find with ease.

The flower is machine stitched using velvet and a selection of sewing threads. The outer part of the petals have been dry brushed with acrylic paint. That area has a firmer texture and feel, contrasting the soft velvet in the center. The edge has been finished with paint for a rustic look. The center of the flower is on both sides embellished with beads. Some of the beads are more than likely recycled.

The flower measures approximately:
Diameter approx: 3,25 inch (9 cm)
Width: 1/8 inch (3mm) wide.

This listing is for one flower keyring only. More are available. Due to the free style technique used the flowers are all ever so slightly different, having their own 'personality'.

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18.00 USD

This fabric covered box just so lovely. The box make a perfect place for keepsakes, jewelery or other precious things that need a beautiful home. The box is perfect in cases where you want the giftbox/ wrapping to be part of the gift, like for a piece of jewelery, charm, lampwork etc, adding a very special touch.
The box is romantic and feminine and will look lovely on any dresser or dressing table.

The box has a fabric covered, padded lid and a firm fabric covered base. The padded inside base and top, are covered with a solid color fabric, coordinating with the floral outer fabric. As an added feature a small solid colored edge is visible on the outside like a 'piped' edge.
Spot clean only with a slightly damp cloth. Don't get wet.

This listing is for one box:
Height: 2 2/8 inches (5,5 cm)
Diameter: 4 1/4 inches (11 cm)

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12.00 USD

These ribbons are space dyed by me using silk paint in two wonderful colours. Each package contains four lenghts of ribbon. Two narrow shiny satin and a slightly wider cotton blend. The two types of ribbon have been dyed in the same batch. Due to the nature of the material the colour appears slightly different, yet colour coordinated.

Use the ribbons for embellishment, scrapbooking, sewing, bookbinding, card making, parcel wrapping or? Anywhere that needs a little splash of colour.

The ribbons are wound around a piece of card and comes protected in a cellophane bag. The ribbons have been heat set and should not run on a cold wash. Having said that, I have never used them my self in projects that needs washing.

Length: cotton blend: approx. 3,5 yards (3 meter), width: 0,5 inch (1,25 cm)
Length: satin : approx. 3 yards (2,5 meter), width: 0,25 inch (0,75 cm)
Total: Approx 13 yards (11 meters) ribbon

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34.00 USD

This is the perfect basket for a desk, by the entrance door, by the bed, anywhere you have things you would like to store in a stylish manner. The basket is woven using an old Scandinavian basket weaving technique. Traditionally the baskets were woven from birch bark. I have used paper. After finish weaving the basket was coloured in a light transparent turquoise colour. The rim and upper edge were further decorated with opaque metallic paint. Finally the basket was sealed. The sealant adds a lovely subtle sheen to the surface as well as making it making it very pleasant to touch. Despite being made from paper the basket is surprisingly sturdy.

Height: 3 inches (9, 5 cm)
Diameter: 7 inches (18 cm)

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14.00 USD

The 3 small stars are three dimensional and made from painted and folded paper strips. I have updated the look of this very traditional Danish Christmas ornament.
The stars are painted with metallic paint.
The three stars are packed in a cellophane bag.

Ideas for using the stars:
- Several stars look lovely placed on a table cloth or table runner.
- Placed one star at each table setting, for a little extra to take home.
- Use as a stocking filler.
- Several stars look lovely gathered in a decorative bowl.

Height/Width: 1 inches (3,25 cm)
Depth: 1 inch (2,5 cm)

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15.00 USD

This hand stitched keyring is just lovely. So cute.
The keyring in made with vibrant Bali Batik fabric using a folded patchwork technique. This double sided mini cushion is all hand sewn. The front and back have a inserts of coordinating patches giving a further visual dimension to the already textured surface created by the folds of the fabric. The mini cushion is stuffed with polyester filling.
An eyelet has been inserted from which the golden keychain is attached.

Size: 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 inches (4,5 x 4,5cm)

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16.00 USD

ACEO = Art Cards: Editions, Originals. This ACEO is an original, One OF A Kind, small art collage. The background fabric is surface designed by me. The focal center piece is a slightly raised, mini hand embroidered picture. This mini collage 2.5inch x 3.5inch (6.4cm x 8.9cm) is mounted on to 140 lb watercolour paper.

This ACEO is part of a themed serie with limited numbers.
All ACEOs in this serie are originals and One Of A Kind.
The ACEO if ready for collecting, mounting and framing, a special little gift or....

The ACEO comes packed in a cellophane bag.

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28.00 USD

Removeable quilted file cover with text to fit an American 3 ring binder file. The fabric is a recycled transport cover that I was lucky to come across. Loved the printed 'fragile' 'do not stack'. The intensity of the print will vary from cover to cover making each binder cover unique. The original print has if needed been touched up very gently to maintain the uniqueness of the fabric.

The cover is free motion quilted in close, random straight lines. The edges have been straight stitched and sealed with with a golden acrylic paint adding to the rustic look..

The cover can be washed on a gentle wash and line dry. Lightly iron steamed. Do not press.

Due to the high postage cost this listing is for the cover only and without the actual ringbinder. If you would like the ring binder included please contact me for a shipping quote.

Hight: 12 3/4 inches (34 cm)
Width: 10 1/4 inches (25.5 cm)
Spine width: 2 inches (5 cm)

This is a limited edition.

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