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10.00 USD

This large three dimensional star is made from hand painted and folded paper strips.
I have updated the look of this very traditional Danish Christmas ornament.
The gold star ornament hangs from a rustic piece of string threaded through an eyelet.
The star is packed in a cellophane bag.
This listing is for one star.

Ideas for using the stars:
The stars can be hung on the Christmas tree.
Hung from a branch, maybe used as a table center piece or in a hall way.
Placed one at each table setting, for a little extra to take home.
What about using them as an ornament on the lovingly wrapped presents.
Use as a stocking filler.

Height/Width: 2 3/4 inches (7cm)
Depth: 1 1/2 inches (3,5cm)

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18.00 USD

This fabric covered box just so lovely. The box make a perfect place for keepsakes, jewelery or other precious things that need a beautiful home. The box is perfect in cases where you want the giftbox/ wrapping to be part of the gift, like for a piece of jewelery, charm, lampwork etc, adding a very special touch.
The box is romantic and feminine and will look lovely on any dresser or dressing table.

The box has a fabric covered, padded lid and a firm fabric covered base. The padded inside base and top, are covered with a solid color fabric, coordinating with the floral outer fabric. As an added feature a small solid colored edge is visible on the outside like a 'piped' edge.
Spot clean only with a slightly damp cloth. Don't get wet.

This listing is for one box:
Height: 2 2/8 inches (5,5 cm)
Diameter: 4 1/4 inches (11 cm)

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15.00 USD

This hand stitched keyring is just lovely. So cute. The keyring in made with vibrant Bali Batik fabric using a folded patchwork technique. This double sided mini cushion is all hand sewn. The front and back have a inserts of coordinating patches giving a further visual dimension to the already textured surface created by the folds of the fabric. The mini cushion is stuffed with polyester filling.
An eyelet has been inserted from which the golden keychain is attached.

Size: 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 inches (4,5 x 4,5cm)

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8.95 USD

Illustrated instructions on how-to fold the classic origami Moravian / Froebel stars. The step by step tutorial will cover the basic technique on how to make the lovely 2D and 3D stars.

This 11 page tutorial is written in English. There are 28 black and white photos explaining every step of the process clearly. Detailed instructions follow the photos.
The instructions have been tried and tested when teaching several star making workshops.

You can sell your finished stars, as I truely believe that it is very important to keep this wonderful traditional craft alive
Please note that the copyright to these written instructions belong to me, Birgitte Hendricks, and may not be distributed, copied, reproduced or published in any form or media without my consent!

The instructions will be emailed to your email box as soon as possible after receiving your payment, most often within a few hours. I will always send a confirmation email/convo to confirm that the PDF file is on it way to you.
After cheking your spam folder, please let me know if you haven't recieved the email with the PDF file within 24 hours, after my confirmation email. Occasionally emails do lost and I will then resend the file to you.

All rights reserved

31.00 USD

This handmade book cover is truly unique. The paper used for the cover is made from several layers of a recycled Danish newspaper. The newspaper has been colored, sealed, highlighted with metallic paint. The flap wrapping around to the front is machine stitched with metallic tread. The edges of the cover are sealed with acrylic paint. A decorated ribbon is attatched through holes in the back cover. The cover is attatched to the sketchbook and is not a loose cover.

The spiral bound sketch book / note book is 5 1/4 inches (15 cm) tall and 4,5 inches (11.5 cm) wide. The blank white pages is an all media acid free cartridge quality.

This listing is for one book.
Due to the uniqueness of the cover, the books are similar, but not identical.

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42.00 USD

This is the perfect basket for a desk, by the entrance door, by the bed, anywhere you have things you would like to store in a stylish manner. The basket is woven using an old Scandinavian basket weaving technique. Traditionally the baskets were woven from birch bark. I have used paper.

After completing the basket it was painted in a lovely deep green color. Finally the basket was covered with a protective sealant adding a lovely subtle sheen to the surface, as well as making it making it very pleasant to touch.
Despite being made from paper the basket is surprisingly sturdy.

Height: 3 1/4 inches (9 cm)
Diameter: 9 inches (23,5 cm)

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7.00 USD

This card is an original, One Of A Kind, small art collage.
The collage background is designed by me and is decorated with machine embroidery. This card/mini picture is unique.
The back of the card has an oval stamp reading ?a handmade card especially for you? and a small golden name label.

The 4x6 inch (10,5x15 cm) card is made from recycled paper pulp. It is ivory colored with a slight texture. The envelope is white. The card and envelope comes packed in a protective cellophane bag.

13.00 USD

This very versatile (Christmas) ornament is 100% hand sewn using the traditional English paper basting quilting technique. The star are made from cotton fabric pieced around cardboard.
The star is packed in a cellophane bag.

Ideas for using the star:
- The star can be hung on the Christmas tree.
- Hung from a branch, maybe used as a table center piece or in a hall way.
- The light weight star won?t break and can be send with your Christmas cards without adding much bulk and hardly any additional weight.
- Use as a stocking filler.

Diameter: 5 1/2 inches (14 cm)
Depth: 1/8 inch (3mm)

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16.00 USD

The 25 6'x 6' inch (15 x15 cm) light to medium weight cotton squares are rotary cut from recycled shirt fabric. The squares totals 1/2 yard (45 cm) of fabric and come packed in a cellophane bag. All the squares have a different plaid/homespun pattern. There are no repeats with in a package.
The squares are perfect to use for quilt making. Due to having had a life prior to me finding them, the fabric already has a lot of character. Sewn together they make a lovely quilt with that instant soft feel and look that only time can give fabric.
All the fabrics are natural fibers (no polyester or nylon), predominantly 100% cotton. I have made several quilts with shirt fabric and absolutely love the shabby chic/country look that one can achieve by using recycled fabric.

The light to medium weight fabric has been washed 'warm' and ironed 'hot'.
The fabric in the photos is an example! All packages are packed with a good selection of colours, patteren and tones. Between a number of packages, there will be some repeats.

All squares have been rotary cut to exact size.
Please note that due to the properties/weave of some of the fabrics they might not look square, when you start working with them. If you find the odd one too soft, then please iron and spray starch the square. That will solve the 'problem' :-)

18.00 USD

This generous size cosmetic bag can easily be used as a small wash bag as well. There is plenty of room for the tooth brush and paste as well as travel size containers with all the essentials.

The fully lined zippered bag is made from a soft water repellent cotton fabric. Small amounts of moisture can be wiped off causing no damage to the contents of the bag.

The zipper is coordinating the gentle colours of the bag. As a final touch the zipper is decorated with a beaded zipper pull most likely made from recycled beads.

The listing is for one pouch.

Height: 5,5 inches (14 cm)
Width: 9 inches (23 cm)
Depth at base: 3 inches (7,5 cm)
Depth at top: 1 inch (2,5 cm)

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