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@beautifeyelabs....we will take that nice positive write-up on your experience of living in Ireland! Thank you!
Thinking outside the box! Great initiative Frédéric CHAUVIRE!
@_patriciamcg talks about what she learned at a recent Sales Institute Sales Workshop.
Watch to see if you are a 'Sales Architects' @Vimeo Enjoy and Share!
Sales Architrct vs. Sales builder. A video from The Sales Institute talk I did. Enjoy and share!
"We are not our behaviours, we do behaviours!" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"People notice less about their work colleagues when things are going well." by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
De-clutter your mind from stuff that really won't matter in 5 years. The cost of mental clutter is huge!
Get a free copy of my ebook: The Sales Outliers. Please Share with your sales friends.
RT @RaphaelWouters: "What sets the sales outliers apart?" Shiera O'Brien at @boibusiness - @SellingGenius #sales #workshop @EntAnon https:/…
Great Audience participation last night at the @BOIstartups event. Thanks Carl!
Thanks to everybody who showed up to The Sales Outliers workshop last night at @BOIstartup and @EntAnon.
"5 Steps to Creating a Unique Value Propostion" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"Never Sell the Same Way Twice" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"What elegant Sales People do" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"Use your Selling Time Wisely" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"When Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"There's a Film Director in every Sales Person" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"Sales tips from A Coffee Pod Barista" by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn
"Sales Meetings that Sticks " by @SellingGenius on @LinkedIn

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