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Could Your Company Handle an Insider Threat?: If you’ve been following my writing, you know that I believe on... https://t.co/y47tjRYLhF
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National Association of Professional Women Honors Diane Griffin President / CEO of Security First & Associates... https://t.co/QhlCjOPo6e
October is CyberSafety Awareness Month: Be wary of “skimmers” on ATMs, gas station pumps, and other machines w... https://t.co/LJqjIMoEQv
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CNN: Reports Russian spies in New York: Russian spies used tickets and hats to try to hide New York activities... http://t.co/UzoexKZiaB
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Security Update on SOCIAL ENGINEERING: Did you know that Social engineering is the art of manipulating people ... http://t.co/6qCW12zwmG
Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway http://t.co/PJeZPPuGGM
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Is whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero or traitor?
Security First & Associates 2013 NCMS Security Society Award Winner: Press Release  Monday, July 1, 2013 Secur... http://t.co/SI2MtH9JtI
Security Alert – Page missing from a passport led to a bomb at airport!: Page missing from a passport led to a... http://t.co/nJQCAb3DRY
Introducing Bublish – Book Marketing for the Digital Age http://t.co/SiSMIcVBgi

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I am the president and founder of a small consulting company, looking for small to mid size defense contractors that require assistance with security

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