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iOS 11's useful to gimmick ratio is not trending positive.
just got the #ProductAnalytics Playbook from @amplitudemobile! Learn proven methods for improving #retention:
Timely. I'm pushing more early stage prototypes for the team right now.
Are you the real deal, or have you simply learned to talk the talk, to look the part?
RT @MissDestructo: Last day to get your own comfy and ultra cool @dogheadsims t-shirt for charity. All sales goes to hurricane relief! http…
Heading there this weekend. Been in twice and looks unbelievable!
@carlquintanilla True. Chipotle too if I remember correctly.
Fast-food CEOs don't even eat at their own restaurants. When is the last time one of them ate off the $1 menu?
@derekhuether I'm distilling this down to 'near-randomness fosters innovation more successfully than teams that are…
RT @SanhoTree: Please make #PuertoRico trend. They’re 100% without power and can’t tweet it themselves. Unprecedented levels of assistance…
.@sparkcatalyst I'm down for a pair of these
@codebeing @Murr_Anne Hahhaah, so true.
@jwd2a A blonde IPA??? Wut?
@iamagile The bar has been set pretty high ;)
@thatsoftwareguy Yeah, I'm getting ready to dive in to OptionB
The book is phenomenal. Now I need to listen to this podcast...
Why would equifax use 2 different registrars for their own sites? #SuperConfusing
RT @dandenney: DataCamp is looking for an Infrastructure Engineer. This team is awesome!
There is work that satisfies the ego and work that produces progress. Don't get them confused.
RT @joshelman: Listening to users won't tell you what to build. But it will tell you where all the gaps are, and then the team's creativity…

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