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RT @exploratorium: Models for scientific inquiry in the classroom. What do you think? #STEM via @KQED…
Grandma's Experiences Leave Epigenetic Mark on Your Genes |
So honored to meet the gracious and lovely @Meryl_Davis and @CharlieaWhite at my rink today. #SkatingHeroes
.@KeyAndPeele's hilarious "TeacherCenter" spoof - if we obsessed over teachers like we do sports:
RT @itsDanielSuarez: I did a TED talk in June, 2013 on why we should not allow robots to make kill decisions:
@blazerrose @paleycenter Fantastic atmosphere, great event! So grateful to be a part of it!
Celebrating #STEM engineering and television on the rooftop of the LA @paleycenter! #TheNextMacGyver
@LAbLaunch I will vouch for the awesomeness of @Labguru. Most comprehensive out there. Really made for complex science.
RT @sarahkendzior: Writers need an email filter that automatically deletes all messages with phrase "unfortunately we cannot pay" #TenThing…
42 scripted networks looking for shows and pitches. What's cool and relevant? Right now that's science! Anything goes. #TheNextMacGyver
"Smart is the new cool." From Script to Screen panel. Merging science, television, problem-solving. #thenextmacgyver
U.S. chief technology officer Megan Smith affirms support for #TheNextMacGyver for inspiring girls and minorities to study engineering.
Screenwriting is always about marrying character development and story driven plot. Even where science is main theme. #TheNextMacGyver
RT @AGM1: Engineering is leveraging phenomena for useful purposes. #thenextmacgyver
#TheNextMacGyver Fundamental question for potential show comes down to how do you drive a passion for engineering to solve problems?
#TheNextMacGyver pitches are outstanding! Lots of creativity by these screenwriters towards making engineering fun and story-driven.
.@NASciences paired with @USC Engineering school to pitch TV show ideas that portray female engineers. #NextMacGyverCompetition
Excited to cover "The Next MacGyver" competition @paleycenter in LA searching for next great female #STEM #television hero.
RT @csommer: Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and over 1,000 AI researchers co-signed an open letter to ban killer robots http://t…
Science has a problem. And that problem is science deniers.

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