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.@ElliottBROOD, where have you been all my life? #DarnGoodMusic #FaveNewArtist
Texas Health Workers Use Tabasco to Help Train for Ebola - ABC News
@saulcolt No. Unacceptable behavior ;-)
A character brawl apparently erupted on Hollywood Blvd. Freddy Kruger had to break it up. #OnlyInLA
RT @megunder: On Sunday, we asked a very handsome guard for a picture with my friend visiting from Cali - RIP Nathan Cirillo…
People Are More Swayed by Things That Look Sciencey - Inkfish |
@mossifer BTW I *love* your new Twitter pic. So mysterious and smecksy! Xx
Watching my @NHLBlackhawks and @NorthwesternU Wildcats at the same time. #ChicagoLove
@mossifer Hahahaha, I know! I was totally being sarcastic. It's the scourge of the Earth :-P
Guys, someone created a #ComicSans typewriter. Seriously. #ChristmasAroundTheCorner
@SuzanneR11 Can we trade places? Because it took FOREVER for it to come to LA. Seriously, it was 90 in October. I'm a tundra kinda girl ;)
Terminator’s James Cameron on "Fear-Based" Film & TV Decisions: by @JenYamato
@EvanLysacek Oh my gosh I *just* found out about your new job from Nick! CONGRATS Evan! Miss you at TSC. Good luck & have fun in NYC!
Anthropocene: is this the new epoch of humans?
5 things that are bigger threats to your health than Ebola via @publichealth
Rats and Their Alarming Bugs
Literally the coolest bottle of wine I have ever bought. #ScienceNerd #Chemistry
@sunshinebean :-)
RT @TheEllenShow: #MalalaYousafzai is the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m astonished by her bravery. We should all b…
So proud of my friend @Sunshinebean, who works on the supremely funny @CristelaABC! Very worth watching guys. #television

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