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22 Lessons From Stephen King On How To Be A Great Writer via @bi_strategy
RT @sciam: Updated: Remembrances of AIDS and HIV Workers Killed in Shot-Down Plane by @dbiello @aisneed @juliacalder…
RT @washingtonpost: Map: The potentially hostile airspaces American flights don't fly through
On the Losses (of HIV Researchers) Aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: (by @Laurie_Garrett)
Novartis Joins With Google to Develop Contact Lens That Monitors Blood Sugar
@ChefJoyHk12 It was truly a joy watching your talent develop. My heart broke tonight but you have SUCH bright days ahead. Stay strong!
Set Etiquette - 7 Things Not to Do on Set - For the Industry (or aspiring) folk: via @sunshinebean
How cool is it that @ElonMusk is giving $1 Million to @Oatmeal's Tesla Museum?
@NHLBlackhawks Hope the team plans on addressing UNCONSCIONABLE banning by @johnnysicehouse following concerns after an ARMED robbery.
@GregStuy They have to sign Justin "Conn Smythe" Williams the same time & save money for Toffoli's bridge deal. YIKES.
@Biosteel_JS @JakesHockey @BioSteelSports OMG you guys are AWESOME! Thanks.
@10PSharp Not a chance. Waiting for June when you guys lift that Cup again ;-)
@JakesHockey @BioSteelSports Thanks Jake! I really appreciate it.
@ChrisBayee Since I started drinking @BioSteelSports my hockey and skating performance have gone to the next level. And recovery is great.
@JakesHockey - looks like @BioSteelSports now offers single serving packets of Recovery Formula. Any chance you'll carry to try some?
Super interesting infographic about writing and brain activity. We always knew it was a complex relationship!
8 Myths About Freelancing You Need to Know Now by @evanaguilartan
@tiffanylohwater @KQEDscience Mine too! Can't get enough!
Anyone hate cilantro because it tastes like soap? Here's the genetics of why:
Secrets of the creative brain: (via @TheAtlantic)

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