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Cards Against Humanity releases science-themed expansion to benefit women in STEM
Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are No Match For Medieval Potion via @PopSci, @Snarkarina
7 Mistakes Rookie Writers Make (by @mossifer)
RT @filmcourage: 85 videos to help screenwriters write a better screenplay | #screenwriting
RT @DamienFahey: The American Psychiatric Association defines narcissism as the first ten minutes of every podcast.
RT @NerdyChristie: Nominate your favorite science communicator for the Paul Shin award!
Looking forward to the premiere of @KenBurns's "Cancer" documentary tonight on PBS.
Had the pleasure of seeing @KathleenMadigan absolutely KILL it last night @ the Hermosa Beach comedy club. #FunnyLady
Sewage could be a source of valuable metals and critical elements
The Accidental Actor - Lessons from an LA Set
RT @BeyondMadAve: Can Artsy Advertising Mix Well With PSAs?
Anyone else JUST a little excited about the 6 new X-Files episodes this summer? Just me? #XFilesRevival
RT @frontlinepbs: Tonight, find out how we got here: #VaccineWar
Hollywood’s Women Problem: Why Female Filmmakers Have Hit the Glass Ceiling via @thedailybeast
Tips for seducing strangers-and selling stuff-from Mad Men's producer and ad advisor
@rklau Ohhhhh.... it's unsettling, trust me. But brilliantly unsettling. Best examination of A.I. to date - very authentic & smart.
Just got out of a screening of "Ex Machina" and Q&A with writer/director Alex Garland. Absolutely transcendent sci-fi. Review to come...
Turns out cheap wines like 2 Buck Chuck & Franzia have high arsenic levels. Gee, I am shocked by the lack of quality.
Albert Hofmann, the Father of LSD, Dies at 102:
Neil deGrasse Tyson's late night TV show will premiere on 4/20 via @verge

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