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Chem analysis of Soviet manuscript reveals author's morphine habit, kidney disorder via @cenmag @AmerChemSociety
RT @LlewellynCox: @ScriptPhD @LAbLaunch Thanks for dropping by! Great to see you
Just recorded an amazing podcast with the innovative tech disrupt or @LlewellynCox, founder of @LAbLaunch - stay tuned!
Ladies and gents, having had a computer die suddenly over the weekend, I cannot underscore enough the value of daily data backups!
RT @blazerrose: YES
The first episode of "The Expanse" is officially online! We've seen the first four and couldn't be more excited...
Art does heal: scientists say appreciating creative works can fight off disease - via @Telegraph
@RK3377 this NU grad had like 92 heart attacks today. What a crazy game. 😳
On inclusiveness and diversity in modern mainstream Hollywood. An important conversation.
That first egg nog latte of the holiday season. 😌 It truly is about the little things!
One billion people without toilet access. Think about that mind boggling number for a minute. #WorldToiletDay
RT @WIRED: Move over, Jony Ive. Biologists are the next rock star designers
Via @NPR: A Genetic Map Hints At What Makes A Brain Human
VERY fascinating profile of scientists that worked alongside Einstein on relativity theory. #ScienceIsCollaboration
RT @raqqa_mcr: I'm typing this tweet from my iPhone, which a Syrian migrant's child invented: Apple's Steve Jobs #RefugeeCrisis…
What ISIS Really Wants: (via @TheAtlantic)
@SpaceportNQY @kevingrazier very true however, reverse is that cinema (i.e. Gravity, the Martian) can incur excitement 4 space exploration
Our #podcast with @KevinGrazier and review of "Hollyweird Science," the first in a series of books teaching basic...
RT @dannymaconline: For anyone in Paris, or who knows anyone stranded/looking for shelter, locals are using the hashtag #PorteOuverte offer…
My thoughts and prayers are going out for the safety of the people of Paris amid these horrible attacks.

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