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NEW POST: Bookending Your Blog Posts
NEW ARTICLE FOR SALE: The Secret of Successful Freelancing Another secret? License your own articles...
New blog post: Getting the Most Out of Email Interviews.
BLOG POST: Learning How to Write
BLOG: Lucky Writers, Lucky Publishers
Imagine a Web without jobs called "article rewriting."
And we're blogging. Great Content Is All in the Mind
And first up, we're looking for a finance writer. Sign up at and DM for details. Please RT.
But we do have publishers. I'll be posting more on their requests soon.
Also, we'd like comments, feedback, articles... and if anyone has coffee...
And we're up... finally. Officially. Out there. A new look and ready to bring great jobs to excellent writers.
Still working on the licensing interface. It's coming along though so do keep those articles coming in.
@wefollow #writing #content #freelance
@JohnKremer No, we're not on Bookmarket yet. But I'll add it. Thanks!
@JohnKremer Great book, John. 1001 ideas that inspire 1,000 more. If your students need ghostwriting/editing help, we'd be happy to assist.
Nothing kills an interruption faster than an impending deadline!
@kohuether Great stuff. Problogger is always good but Odesk feels like a job. You might want to update the lens with Scribat though...
Editing always seems to be on a knife-edge between deadly dull and sneak peek interesting.
@BroadwayAllison Have her sign up at and we'll see what we can do for her.
@Pandaran Need you to follow me so I can DM you back.

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