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@kevinintro We will take all the luck we can get!
@kevinintro Hey Kevin things are great and thank you for the well wishes!
@ShannonMarlyse now how could we ever lose our favorite zombie girl!
Another great review of episode 1 of The Z Virus! Check out what Horrorscreams Videovault had to say about the show.
Check out the review of episode 1 of The Z Virus from The Rotting Zombie website.
@datwintowerz Appreciate that! When we need some new tracks we will keep you in mind.
The art of the zombie! - The Z Virus
Shhhhhh don't move a muscle! - The Z Virus
Ready for what's lies ahead! - The Z Virus
Zombie Killers! - The Z Virus
The Big Bite! - The Z Virus
The Crew! - The Z Virus
A Zombie In The Making! - The Z Virus
The decision to step outside! - The Z Virus
The Zombie Virus! - The Z Virus
Praying for the perfect shot. - The Z Virus
Actor Life - The Z Virus
Nicole Johnson in the gas mask - The Z Virus
Peepers of the Round Table - The Z Virus
Director setting up a shot! - The Z Virus

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