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Please be gentle when you parse @SciBet. If it will slow down our server, we will have no choice but to perma-ban the IP range of the parser
From today on you can @disqus the matches of the English leagues.
@Gadderbaum01 not the most helpful page, isnt it? :)
@fabian_fioritti can you please send us an email with details (or use the contact form)?
@lodimaster great! These are transition glitches, we already fixed a few. Likely its nothing major and you'll get an answer today.
@lodimaster can you please send us an email to info[at] We'll look into it.
@turnbullMichael please send a mail to info[at] from the email you registered with, and we will reset your password
@turnbullMichael did you try to request a password reminder (right upper corner on the login form)?
People who registered on the old platform are the address when you are looking for SciBet #invitations.
Those who registered on SciBet prior to 04/03/15 can access our #exactscore predictions.
Express is the code name of the new #algorithm. It is superior to Lineup (our previous algorithm).
Contact form is non functional at the moment. If you need to contact us urgently please do so on Facebook or Twitter.
Dont let your browser fool you, the connection IS private with our self-signed #SSL certificate.
The new server is hosted by @vultr and located in #Amsterdam - a sweet spot between UK, Germany and France.
Scibet is moving to a new platform! Tomorrow we will highlight the changes you're about to witness. Stay tuned!
Stephen Hawking calculates England's odds of success on World Cup 2014
England #WorldCup2014 Squad
Will Brazil be the 7th organizing country to win the World Cup?
If goals were Twitter followers which team would win the World Cup 2014?
Matchday 4 of the AFC Champions League saw several surprises and some great goals as several favourites stumbled...

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SciBet is a group of scientists & sports experts from all around the world dealing with research and improvement of statistical models used in sports betting.

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