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We are honored to be featured in the @StarTribune MN Brewery Bracket! Vote for us today by 11:59 pm #Since1860
A clean beer line is a happy beer line!
@growlermag first brew of Fort Road Helles was brewed today with New Ulm grown Barley!
RT @growlermag: Local barley will make up 16% of the grain used in @SchellsBrewery's beers this year:…
@kaitments We are open this Friday 4-8pm and Saturday noon-8pm. Our hours are still varying. We will do our best to keep you updated!
Decisions, Decisions.... Which is your favorite? #FrostHopSampler #Schells
RT @growlermag: Get a taste of southern Minnesota barley in this year's version of @SchellsBrewery's Fort Road Helles:…
RT @katelynreg: Speaking to Jace Marti of @StarkellerBeer (and @SchellsBrewery) was such an honor. Read the full story here:…
RT @BeerBrewin: How the Shape of Your Glass Can Make Your Beer Taste Better
The Monday after Bock Fest... Hope everyone had a great time this weekend, and is getting through their morning! P…
And the gates are open! #schellsbockfest has officially started!
In response to the recent "swiping" of a picture of a pre-prohibition tax stamp, we've implemented new security mea…
Picture stolen off the Starkeller wall within an hour of opening...this is why we can't have nice things. #schells…
@AEarleywine Its ok right now but if when 6000 people show up it will be pretty sloppy. We would suggest boots!
@AEarleywine We are currently expecting it to be 48 degrees. We do recommend wearing boots or appropriate shoes for a good mud possibility.
RT @SchellsTrav: When you know @SchellsBrewery Bockfest weekend starts tomorrow.
@Ginephre yes they are!
RT @growlermag: Get a look inside @SchellsBrewery's new Starkeller taproom:

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The August Schell Brewing Company is the second oldest, family owned brewery in the United States.

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