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@TaylorLautner__ Hey, :-) I know you have a lot off work, but can I get an answer?? :-) I ask again, coffie?? ha ha :-)
@TaylorLautner__ Sleep well :-) I´ll ask again, please follow me, hope you se it this time ;-) I know you have much to do. Love from me
@TaylorLautner__ Hey Taylor :-) I have asked before, and now I will ask again :-) Shall we have a cup of coffee and a nice talk?
@TaylorLautner__ Life is not always easy, I hope you are okay. I know you find the way sometime :-)
@TaylorLautner__ thanks ;-)
@TaylorLautner__ Remeber me, I´m following @xReckIessHeart :-) Sleep well :-)
@xReckIessHeart Hello from Denmark :-) I look forward to follow you. Thanks to Taylor Lautner.
@TaylorLautner__ @xReckIessHeart I´m following now :-) Have a nice day :-)
@TaylorLautner_ To late, but You are welcome anyway ;-)
@PerezHilton I am from Denmark, and if you ever need an assistant, I'm here. :-)Please say hello to Taylor Lautner from me.
@PerezHiltonHey Perez :-) I saw you for the first time yesterday on TV, wow a great joy you spread around you :-)
@TaylorLautner__ Tell me if you are comming to Denmark, I think we shall have a kop of coffee :-)

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